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Complete Guide to Arm Lift Operations in Antalya, Turkey

When we grow older our arm skin starts to sag. The skin under the arms becomes loose and the underarms area starts to hang. If you are someone who used to lift weights and had big biceps, the skin can become a lot saggier. 

Similarly, if you are a woman who used to be slim with zero-body fat. The hanging skin can cause distortion in your beauty. That’s why it is important to get it sorted. There are two ways to go about tightening the skin around arms. The first one is to exercise on a daily basis. However, not many people can exercise. And in some cases, even if they are exercising on a regular basis, they are not able to improve their looks. This can cause trouble for them. 

So, the only solution left in such a case is to go for an arm lift surgery. The arm lift surgery is also called the arm skin lifting procedure and is one way of improving the appearance by removing excess fat from over your arms. It improves skin appearance and makes you look slimmerl. The purpose of arm lift surgery is not just aesthetic appeal though. In most cases, people go for arm lift surgery if they had excess fat that was becoming a hurdle in their daily routine. 

Whatever the case may be, if you are looking for arm lift surgery, then you should get it done from certified cosmetic surgeons who are experienced in performing this type of surgery. At Mediface Antalya, we have qualified cosmetic surgeons available for performing arm lift surgery. Get in touch with our team and book an appointment with our cosmetic surgeon today.

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How is Arm Lift Surgery Performed In Antalya Turkey?

The arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps enhance the appearance of the underlying upper arm area. During an arm lift, which is also called Brachioplasty, excess skin fat is removed from between the armpit and elbow. The skin is then reattached to the tissue through stitches so that it doesn’t look saggy anymore. The person can now move their arm easily without a problem. If it was done for the purpose of enhancement of skin tone, the person will look much slimmer and appealing to others.

Why Is Arm Lift Surgery Performed In Antalya Turkey?

There can be many reasons for performing arm lift surgery. The main reasons for which people for an arm lift surgical procedure is to:

  • Increase their skin tone so that they look appealing to others. They want to remove the excess fat that has become saggy and is now hanging from their skin.
  • People who were once fat and they lose weight due to liposuction or other cosmetic surgeries can feel saggy skin on their arm region. They usually go for surgery to balance out the whole body’s weight ratio
  • Exercise is not always the solution to removing excess skin. Most people don’t have stretchable skin and exercise can only work to reduce skin when the skin is stretchable.
  • Arm lift surgery also improves body image and self-esteem so that is another reason people go for arm lift surgery.

Risks Involved in Arm Lift Surgery Antalya, Turkey

Arm lift surgery has the same risk as any other cosmetic surgery. Let’s discuss some of these risks in detail to understand how they can make a difference and what you need to understand about them.


Incisions can cause scars on arms, especially on the areas where the markings are made to cut and stitch the skin. However, these scars are light because of small incisions and rarely visible after a few weeks. In fact, cosmetic surgeons can use injections of a corticosteroid medication or other treatments that might be used to improve the appearance of scars.


It is not possible to keep your arm in a perfect condition. So if your surgeon is trying to improve the look of your arm through cosmetic surgery, asymmetry can occur. However, if you get the arm lift surgery done from an experienced surgeon, asymmetry rarely occurs.

Who Shouldn’t Go For Arm Lift Surgery?

An arm lift surgery should only be done when recommended by a qualified surgeon. It isn’t for everyone and doctors will assess your health condition, medical history, and physique before recommending this surgery.

  1. Arm lift surgery should only be done when you are significantly overweight
  2. When you are not able to control your weight
  3. When you have a medical condition that is interfering with reducing skin sagginess
  4. When you are a smoker. Smokers will have to give up smoking during the recovery period. The recovery period of arm lift surgery can be between one month and three months.

Arm Lift Surgery Results

After an arm lift surgery, your upper arm looks appealing and has a more defined tone. Your skin will lose some fitness and might sag after some time. The arm lift surgery is not permanent but it can easily retain its shape for around five years.

Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically for Arm Lift Treatment

Here are some quick tips to make up your mind and prepare yourself for arm lift surgery in Antalya, Turkey.

  • Be realistic because you will not suddenly change into a movie star
  • Ask relevant questions from your cosmetic surgeon about the arm lift surgery
  • Have at least three weeks off from work to get relaxed and free of any workload
  • Do not hide it from your loved ones and take them into confidence
  • You won’t need a lot of safety precautions after your treatment and your natural look will appear normally in one or two days.
  • Get arm lift surgery done from a certified surgeon who has your best interest in mind 

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