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When And How To Cut Hair After Your Hair Transplantation

Today, the most common problems of men and women are hair loss and related problems. Due to their hair loss, people have problems in aesthetic appearance, and therefore many people prefer hair transplantation treatment, considering advanced technology, expertise and successful results, to eliminate the problems caused by this aesthetic appearance.

One of the most frequently asked question is when to shave/cut hair after hair transplant. The most important think to consider before having a cut is the time. Because especially in the first month after the procedure, transplanted hair is very delicate and even slight touch may cause them to fall.

What is Hair Transplantation and Shaving after Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss is a problem frequently encountered by women as well as men. Due to this problem, there seems to be a lack of self-confidence that creates unhappiness in people, and it can cause psychological problems in later stages. Large amount of hair loss can occur if not taken any precautions in early periods. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that people who have experienced hair loss for the last 20 years apply to have healthy and strong hair again and that has successful results.

Hair transplantation is a surgical operation that generally involves taking strong and healthy hair follicles from the nape area and transplanting them to the areas with low hair density. Hair transplant operations are performed using FUT, FUE, DHI and sapphire methods. However, due to the scarring in the FUT method, other methods are more preferred. After hair transplantation operations, the rate of having healthy and strong hair in the desired structure is as high as 98%. And there are only few clinics in Turkey who offer sapphire technique in hair transplantation, Mediface Medical Center is being the only one in Antalya, Turkey.

Should You Have a Hair Cut or Shave Your Hair Immediately After Hair Transplantation?

Shaving after hair transplant operations is the first cutting process, which is carried out in order to eliminate the regional hair length differences, which are generally seen with the growth of the hair shortened before the operation. This first cutting process is performed approximately 2 months after the growth of the transplanted hair that has entered the development process after the shock hair loss period is experienced. In this cutting process, in order not to damage the newly transplanted hair follicles, the hair is cut with the help of scissors, not using a shaving machine or a razor. Hair transplanted begins to grow rapidly after shock hair loss, while hair that has been shortened for hair transplantation normally grows and length differences occur between these two. Here, the first cutting process, the shortening is done with scissors in the axis of eliminating these differences. This is not exactly a cutting process, but a shortening process.

How is the Shaving Process after Hair Transplantation?

The shaving process after hair transplant operations is a very curious issue. In hair transplant operations, the donor area and the area to be transplanted are shaved. While the hair in the donor area grows normally after the transplant, the growth does not progress in the same way in the transplanted area. After the hair transplantation, for shaving you should wait for the transplanted hair to adapt to the skin. If this adaptation process is not waited for and you shave or cut your hair, serious damage can be caused to the transplanted hair. In this context, the first 2 months are very important for shaving after hair transplantation.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration When Having a Haircut After Hair Transplantation?

  •  Wait for the recommended time for the first hair cut after hair transplantation.
  • The scissors or razor you use must be sharp and hygienic.
  • It will be much healthier if the first hair cut is done with scissors. When it is done with scissors, you can shorten even the hair in the transplantation area without any problem.
  • It is more beneficial not to shorten the existing hair, as it camouflages both the donor area and the transplantation area and protects it from external factors. When the area you shave is exposed to sunlight, it will start to burn and disturb you.
  •  It is recommended to use only scissors for hair shaving within 1 month after hair transplantation.
  • You can use scissors or a shaving machine within the second month after hair transplantation.
  •  It is recommended to wait at least 3 months before shaving the hair with a razor blade.
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