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Complete Guide to FAT TRANSFER TO FACE Surgery in Antalya, Turkey

Wrinkles and sagginess appear on the skin with age. It is natural. But it can have a lasting impact on many people especially those whose skin is linked to their careers, or who get confidence through their attractiveness. When the attractive features start to fade, people start to face major problems. 

This is one problem that anti-ageing surgery like Fat transfer to the face can solve. The fat transfer to face surgery works by taking fat from other parts of the body - that are called donors - to the ageing areas of the face - that are called acceptors - to make them appealing again.

The transfer of fat surgery involves the replacement of natural fat to add volume to ageing areas of the face and revive the overlying skin. Also known as fat transplantation, the 'fat transfer' or 'fat injection' to the face uses processed fat to rejuvenate the sunken skin. it also restores the youthful overall appearance while enhancing the overall skin appearance.

Fat Transfer to Face Surgery Antalya, Turkey

Our Medicare centre in Turkey offers multidisciplinary faculty for fat transfer to face surgery practice. They have years of experience and specialists who are the master of their craft. Together they can provide each patient with highly individualized and compassionate care. 

For the fat transfer service, our facial plastic surgeons can take fat from areas where it is either unnecessary and transfer it to your face where it can make an impact on your overall appeal.

Fat cells are removed through liposuction from the donor area – it can be either stomach, thigh or buttock. The cells are cleansed and processed via centrifugation. Then they are injected into the facial area by our expert cosmetic surgeons. The whole process only takes 45 minutes.

The process is performed with local anaesthesia and the patient can go home on the same day. The results of the whole procedure are long-lasting, natural, and permanent.

At Mediface Antalya Turkey, all these surgeries are performed with the help of skilled medical professionals who are expert at both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

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Why go for Fat Transfer to Face Surgery in Antalya?

If you want to rejuvenate your skin and are looking for the best place to get the fat transfer cosmetic surgery, then Antalya is your go-to place. It offers quick 45-minute treatment with long-lasting results.

  • Get treatment in 30-45 minutes 
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Get back smooth, rejuvenated appearance 
  • Helps with weight loss through micro-liposuction
  • Improves self-esteem and emotional well being

Who Should Go for Fat Transfer to Face Surgery in Antalya?

The fat transfer surgery is most commonly performed by facial and cosmetic  surgeons with precisions to ensure that the fat graft 'takes' in its new site.

The fat grafting should be performed by certified surgeons only. Our surgeons are certified by the General Medical Council for Ministry of health.

The fat transfer to face surgery is a highly personal procedure and depends on the decision of the patient. If you want to refresh your skin then getting a fat transfer surgery is an ideal option available.

Choosing Fat Transfer to Face

If you are looking for a fat transfer to face surgery, then you need to be:

  1. Mentally and physically sound and should know realistically about the outcomes of the surgery
  2. You need to have ideal body weight so that the body fat can be transferred from your body to the face area. 
  3. It means healthy eating is a must. Your cosmetic surgeon can even reject your case if you are not physically fit.
  4. There should be a valid reason for your fat transfer to face surgery because it involves liposuction. Cosmetic surgeons usually want patients who have a good mental health record so that they know that the patient is not surrounded by insecurities.
  5. You want to reduce lines and wrinkles from your face area.
  6. You are looking for long-term and often permanent results 
  7. You know what are the side effects of getting a fat transfer to face surgery. 

Questions to Ask Your Fat Transfer to Face Surgeon

You must ask the right questions to your cosmetic surgeon. The purpose of the first appointment with a surgeon is to make sure that they are familiar with your case. They can also advise you accordingly about whether you should move with the surgery or not. A few questions you can ask include:

  • Ask him how is the surgery going to be performed? They will explain the complete process of fat transfer and analyze your body to make sure that there is an area where they can extract fat from.
  • Surgeons will offer you multiple options to choose from. You can select the most preferential area. They will then take the standard measurements and clinical photographs needed for and performing your surgery.
  • Ask them about the complications that will be involved in the overall procedure and how it can affect you directly. They will check your medical history and provide you with an evaluation of the complications that can occur. Each case is different and so the complications for each case vary.
  • If the facial plastic surgeon and the anesthesia doctor believes that you are in good health, they will tell you and then invite you for the fat transfer to face surgery

Fat Transfer to Face Surgery Antalya: Timeline & Program

  • It can take around a week for the whole fat transfer to face surgery
  • The hospital will provide transfer between airport/hotel and the hospital at arrival & departure
  • You will have to pay for the hospital & surgery costs related to surgery pre-surgery or an advance of 50% depending on the agreement.
  • Pre-operative tests including blood, sugar, and any other that is necessary for performing the fat transfer and facial reconstruction
  • The hospital will provide all medications during the hospital stay.
  • Post-operative visits by doctors to ensure your health
  • Book an Appointment for fat transfer to face surgery
  • You can book an appointment for fat transfer to face reconstruction surgery with Mediface Antalya today.



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