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Hanna Kara
After many years of contemplating getting rhinoplasty and tons of research, I am extremely content I reached out to Baris at mediface who was very responsive with every question I had about the procedure over months of communication.

Arriving in turkey, I had been greeted by their lovely driver who drove me to mediface for the pre op check up and blood test where I was welcomed by Baris and Meltem, who had made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout my whole experience with mediface. Dr. Hadi Nural was very professional and had made necessary checks and made me feel extremely at ease and reassured me with any concerns I had.

I was provided with a great hotel which was located in an area within minutes of restaurants, shopping malls and more.

Early morning the next day, I was taken to mediface for my operation by their driver. I was nervous but Baris and Meltem had made me feel safe and where always by my side. Mediface had provided me with a large room which was very hygienic and clean.

After waking up from the treatment I had met the amazing nurse Pinar who had looked after me all day and night, aswell as Meltem and Baris checking up on me after the sugery had been done.

Dr. Hadi Nural did an amazing job and I was extremely shocked to have null brusing and absolutely no uncomfortable pain from such a delicate operation.

Before leaving the hospital Baris had visited and I was provided with all the information and items I needed, aswell as medication and detailed notes for taking the medication provided and further advice.

The rest of the days where pain free and I had also visited the clinic for a clean up which was very convinient and quick.

My experience with mediface was perfect and I couldnt have imagined a better experience for having rhinoplasty, everything was proffesional and comfortable.

A very BIG thank you to the mediface team who handled my whole experience very professionally and made me feel comfortable through every step. I am more than happy to have put my biggest decision in their hands.

Hanna Kara

Hi ,
Today is exactly 3 weeks since I did my liposuction at MediFace.
Most of the swelling are gone but I still have some. I take my massages regularly and drink lots of water. In the mean time I bought myself a Contour Faja. My butt looks very Beautiful and I’m very happy with my abdomen. I start to see my abdominal muscles💪🏽😂
Meltem I wanna thank you for being so patient with me and kind all the time.
I wish you lots of luck with your carrier💯🏆
Lots Of Love, Sharon

S. Sharon
Liposuction / BBL

I would just like to say I am now almost 8 weeks post op and have waited this long to post my review. The reason I waited this long is because I wanted to ensure that I was happy with my surgery and results and also Mediface.

I can wholeheartedly say that I am more than happy with my results that I received from Mediface and also Meltem, each day my results get better and better I will definitely be going back to Mediface from the moment I landed in Antalya I was welcomed by my driver in excellent transportation and taken to my hotel, which was recommended by Meltem the service, and cleanliness of the hotel was first class I could not have asked for a better service.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to my surgeon at Mediface and Meltem for giving me back my confidence and that I am happy to be a Mediface Doll and I will be back.


Shanaz Esat
I was at Mediface around 2 weeks ago, and it is safe to say I had the most amazing experience.
The communication with Meltem is amazing and I felt very comfortable.
On arriving to turkey we was picked up in a lovely vehicle and taken to a beautiful hotel which was so comfortable and accommodating also extremely clean.
I have never experienced any sort of surgery so I was very nervous but the ladies In the hospital made me feel very relaxed.
My night nurse was called Pinar a young girl but so beautiful and kind and I thank her very much for everything.
My surgeon was amazing and so kind, a lovely gentleman.
I will not hesitate to ever go back to mediface they are amazing!!
Thank you to everyone who works there.

Hayley Lewis
I’m so glad I chose Dr Nural to do my Rhinoplasty! He’s clearly the best at what he does, his skill and experience are second to none.
From the consultation I had a really good idea of what results he could achieve as he showed me some ‘photoshopped’ images of my own nose.
After the surgery I had no bruising at all, only some swelling on days 2/3. I could also breathe through my nose more or less right away.
I was really happy with my results when the cast was removed and as the swelling continues to go down I love my new nose more and more, I can’t wait to see how it looks in a few more months. Thank you so much!

Hayley Lewis

Had an amazing experience. Overall it was amazing. I recommended it to all my friends and family. I had lipo on my thighs, stomach and back, and had the best treatment ever. The night nurse was amazing and right from the start Meltem was also amazing, she was there from day one and helped me all the way through. She is still in contact with me nearly one month after the surgery.


I am pleased with the result, sweet people and a very clean and nice clinic. Meltem and the night nurse are very helpful and sweet. I will come again one day in the future.


I had my 3rd bbl treatment at Mediface. I would highly recommend them. As soon as I landed I had transfer waiting for me escorted to a lovely hotel. The next morning I was once again picked up by a driver, once at the clinic and given the all clear from my bloods I told the surgeon exactly wat I wanted so down I went for my bbl which took about 3 hours. Once woken I felt cold and sick but this passed after about 30/40mins i was offered food many times from my very own nurse who was there for me all throughout the night. The next morning I went on to stay at the hotel where Mel would check on me throughout. 2 days later I flew home. I’m very happy with my procedure I now have the body I’ve always wanted thanks to Mediface.

BBL Fat Transfer to buttocks

Very pleased with my treatment and results. The clinic is very clean, all the staff are lovely, helpful and friendly. Meltam is amazing I absolutely love her. Will be revisiting mediface again for more treatments. Antalya is also a beautiful place. The hotel is situated a 2minute walk from the ocean which is lovely to walk. Lots of restaurants and scenery in that area. All round I had a very good experience.xxx

BBL Fat transfer to Buttocks

I was really pleased with everything! The work was great and I felt that the doctor listened to me and did everything as I wished. And after the operations the nurses were wonderful. They took good care of me and they helped me wit everything that I needed. But not only that, even after I left the clinic I got all the help that I needed. Whenever I had a question I could call or write to Meltem and she gave me all the answers. I can’t recommend any other better clinic than this one!

Eye brow lift, Fat transfer to face, Rhinoplasty, liposaction on legs thigh
Sweden 07/03/18

I Was very pleased with the service in this clinic , i did a rhinoplasty and im very happy with the resultat and i can recomend this clinic spechilly thanks to meltem for a very good service .

Revision Rhinoplasty
Sweden 2/2/18

I am currently 16 days post op and I am happy with the changes to my body, although I am currently discussing returning to Mediface for round 2.

From the moment I enquired about Surgery Meltem was fantastic she is such a big help. She was there for me through everything from planning the op to my pre op tests to walking me to theatre. She was also there when I woke up and regularly came to the clinic and hotel to check I was okay. Honestly, she made this massive and somewhat scary experience seem like it was 10 x less scary!

I cannot fault my stay with Mediface, the clinic is so clean & Meltem made sure I had the best room. The staff can speak some English, but are lovely even despite any language barriers.

I stayed over for one night and had a personal nurse, her name was Cansu and she was honestly amazing. She checked on me so much and helped me so much, more than what she probably Realised. When I return to Mediface I will be requesting Cansu to be my nurse again.

I highly Recommend Mediface. The driver and transfers ran smooth, Meltem is always just a call or WhatsApp away, the clinic is very clean & official, It’s a shame it’s a 4 hour flight away but I will definitely be returning to Meltem and the team!!

Fat Transfer to Buttock (BBL )
UK 31/01/18


I had a bbl done 7 months ago with mediface with my friend.

Mel was very helpful and supportive and so was the nurses they looked after us very well.

I am happy with the results. I am planning on returning again this year for a second as want to achieve a more defined result. The surgery has given me an amazing shape to the top of my bum and hips however I would now like to add more to make it fuller. I would recommend mediface happily.

BBL Fat Transfer to buttocks

I was very pleased with my treatment I was looked after very well at the clinic wish was very comfortable and also clean great results

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Hi my name is Patricia and live in the UK.After a fall which left me with a hump and droopy tip. I decided to have Rhinoplasty surgery. I researched and my decision to travel to Mediface Clinic

In Antalya. My surgeon was Dr Hadi Nural, very professional who does a great job. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. I wanted to write this review to show my appreciation to all his team who were very welcoming and caring. A big Thank

You to Meltem the co-ordinated a lovely lady, who made this a pleasant experience for me.She arranged everthing I had no worries


I was very pleased with The treatment. It was easy and i felt comfortable and sure.

The nurses were so kind and The doctor knew what he was doing. And Meltem is a sweet loving person Who listens to you and helps through The whole process. I am definitely going back for my next operation to Mediface.

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Terryn Kelly
Really pleased with my treatment and care I was given whilst i was there. Was given all information I needed and the surgeon and other staff members were amazing. Thanks again

Breast Uplift and Breast Implant

I m very happy that I choosed Mediface for my Bbl operation.

I got all the information for My operation and felt well.

My cousin did her bbl with mediface as well.

Meltem, the Surgeon and all the nurses were very kind and helpfull.

Meltem followed my treatment all the way from my operation date until now.

I love my results. Thank you Mediface.

Brazilian Buttock Lift

The Staff of Mediface is very nice and friendly you feel like you are in good hands. The doctor who did my nose surgery is very professional and knows his job well. I cant see a final result yet because my nose ist still a little swollen but until now im very pleased with the work. After the surgery they took really good care of me. You get all your medicines and they check up on you again before you go home. I would go there again for any surgery. Baris was very helpful and nice. Thanks again for everything.


I want to THANKS Mediface after 4 weeks. The clinic was very professional, clean and the are 100% for the patients. Meltem is a amazing person who give u the best feeling before and after the treatment. I want to tell everybody who want to visit Mediface to do it! I Will come back soon for Another treatments! Thank u alot!! Kind regards Odessa from the Netherlands

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

I am extremely happy about my Septo/Rhinoplasty operation. I can breath much better and I have much nicer shape. I give it 5 out of 5. Thank you so much Dr Hadi for the great job !!

Also, I am so happy about the logistics part, everything was well organised from the moment I arrived the airport till I left Antalya.

I thank everyone (Baris, Meltem, Gensu, Kizbenn, Serap and Anastasia, and everyone else) for their efforts and care.

I am not rating the results of my liposuction now since I am still in my 3.5 week after the procedure, still wearing the compression garment. I hope that the results would impress me and I get rid of my love handles.

I definitely recommend “mediface”. I am living in UAE and I am ready to answer any question regarding my experience.

Liposaction / Speto/Rhinoplasty

I’m from the uk and came over to have my operation done in turkey as it is much cheaper , I started e mailing Meltem and we arranged for me to come out she has always been very kind to me and made me feel very safe , they even booked me an amazing boutique hotel immaculately clean in Antalya next to the sea for my stay when I was not at the Medi̇face centre which is also amazing .I am very happy with my surgery and the way I have been treated by Medi̇face I would recommend any one from uk to use Medi̇face for there procedures as your in good hands in a very clean and safe environment very professional, I would like to say a big thank you to Meltem and all the nurses and doctor for treating me the way they have , so my advice to any one from uk thinking about coming to turkey for op is to use Medi̇face . Thanks guys .

Gynecomastia - Tummy Tuck and liposaction

Vanessa Ashley
This would be my 2nd round of a fat transfer. However this was more of a revision to improve some defects of my round 1.
The clinic is super easy to find and clean.everyone is nice and friendly. I was more prepared than my first round, I knew what to expect. The clinic it self is really nice and fully equipt.
I arrived to the clinic at 8 am, had the surgeon mark the areas I wanted to have fat removed which was my upper back and stomach.
I am happy with my results, still healing but I had a good experience, I can’t fault it in anyway.
From my first round, I had a shape created, second round was to fill in the shape more.

BBL Fat transfer to buttocks

I’m very pleased with the professionalism of the staff and how lovely the surgent and nurses were. I feel as though the cost of the operation was affordable and fair. The recovery was quick and the nurse was happy to answer any of my questions. The hotel was very nice and the driver was also very kind. I’m glad I choose Meltem and her team at mediface. So far I am loving my results and would recommend mediface to family and friends.


I always carried a bit of belly fat even when I was younger and fitter which I was always self conscious of. I got liposuction to remove fat on my stomach, chest and back. I also opted for a butt lift. I am extremely pleased with all the results which I could never have obtained through exercise. I had a bit of pain for 3-5 days and discomfort after that for 2-3 weeks. The incision wounds are a bit tender to touch for this period but I was able to function and go to work after 4-5 days without any problems. I also made sure I had extra cushioning for under my thighs when sitting for the first 3 weeks which I found very comfortable. I had a consultation with the doctor and the anesthetis both of which I found friendly and professional. I was nervous about the operation and what the results would be but I felt I was in capable and professional hands. The theatre area appeared well equipped and spotlessly clean and no different to any theatre in the UK. The whole building was spotlessly clean and built to a very high standard of finish. The rest of the staff were also very friendly and professional and there was always a member of staff who could speak English day or night. I am absolutely delighted with the work that the surgeon has done.

Fat transfer to Buttocks

The service was great from start to finish, picked up from the airport and taken to my hotel which was lovely. The next day had my consultation and surgery. When I woke up I had a one to one nurse available for me which was really great and put my mind at ease. It’s nearly been two months now and my results are great, I had a complete flat bum and now I have an arch! 😀 I elll be returning back for my surgery the end of this year. Not Revisation ı want more bum!! Meltem and the rest of the team were lovely and reassuring.


Had an amazing service from all staff in mediface. My treatment went very well. Hotel and treatment was worth every penny. I would definitely recommend thiS

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Service was great, nurses and Meltem were so kind and generous. They took great care of me, I just fell ill after the treatment unfortunately but will hopefully get better. When I told Meltem I wasn’t feeling too great they took me straight back to the clinic and treated me. Feel much better and am going through the recovery stage. Overall was a different experience but the service provided was good.

Brazilian Buttocks lift

I’m so happy I chose Meltem and her team I was so nervouse sending numerous emails of my concerns of surgery and anesthetic I’m very nervouse and paranoid and still was up Untill my arival at the clinic were I was was treated so nice and with a warm welcome. They made me feal so comfortable I was still a little nervouse but that’s normal. Meltem sat and spoke with me of everything that was going to happen. I can’t thank her and her team inuff for making me so comfortable and great after care. The hotel we stayed in was beyond beautiful. Clean and the staff were so caring. Everything was so perfect. Never felt so comfortable and relaxed about my surgery.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

I loved the service Meltem provided she made me feel at ease and removed my anxiety and fear.
I am only 2weeks post so I cannot fully see the results but so far my bum looks great I would probably have to go again to get the waist desired however like I said I cannot see the full result

Thank you Meltem so much you were wonderful

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

The service was fantastic from the start. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by a driver who picked me up in a beautiful van, I felt like a celebrity. All the staff at the hotel and hospital was so friendly and welcoming in. The hospital staff were very professional and catered to all my needs. Following surgery I was allocated a nurse who catered to my needs. Meltem was a star from when I first enquired, I absolutely love her. Throughout my stay she ensured that I was OK. She even messaged me when I felt unsure of things. Meltem even still till this day keeps in contact to make sure that I am happy. I will definatelty be taking another trip in the future. Thanks Mediface. You changed my life.

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

I’m very very happy with my new body alltough I’m still very swollen so I cant tell anything about the final result yet. Thanks to the lovely Meltem who took grate care off me and the best doctor Engin who gave me the body I always dreamed off. I’m definitly coming back next year!

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

Hmm. Where to start…

First of all I want to thanks Mr.Baris for being so kind and friendly to me. He was there for me for the first time a wrote a mail to him and every time i text him he replied with in 5 mins and that´s called service.
Dr Nural did a great job with my nose and he was kind and gentle. I had no pain so ever. I really felt save in his presence…
The rest of the staff was great too, nice and clean Clinic with high tech equipment.

I am thankful to all the nurses for taking so good care of me specially Cansu, she was really nice and kind to me so thanks Cansu:)

I will definitely recommend Mediface and believe my you will not regret your decision.



YEs so very very pleased, i loved Meltem! she is such a lovely person,

My doctor was very polite and helpful and settled my nerves.

I am still very swollen but i would happily return for more 🙂 xx


I was very pleased with the level of care and professionalism mediface provided me from the first email I sent to my discharge. Meltem was so much help and very resourceful she helped me co-ordinate everything and was there every step of the way. The doctor did an amazing job and I am healing beautifully. The night nurses were such sweethearts Checking on me every 30 min. Very pleased with the clinic and the results. I have recommended this clinic to my family and friends. 🙂

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

I have been thinking about this treatment for a while now , and have been communicating with my dear Meltem for over a year. Meltem is this BEST !!!! She is a beautiful soul; as soon as we both confirmed my dates with her and sent my flight details I was counting down till the time I was ready to go. Everything went well she organized my pickup from airport straight to the hotel and then to clinic ; everything was well organized which I was so pleased about . I felt so at ease Meltem was there with me the whole time and the staff there was amazing: am so pleased with my results still a bit swollen in my lower back but hey what can I say I look good comparing to how I use to look . Thank you guys so much you all are lovely people I would definitely recommend MEDIFACE 5 star from me to you .

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

This was my second visit to Mediface, I had a hair transplant in June 2016 which I was 100% happy with hence me coming back this year to the same clinic for rhinoplasty.
From the moment I booked the treatment to the aftercare service both Meltem and Baris (as he was last year) were helpful and there to answer any questions that I had.
The procedure went smoothly and Dr Nural was a thorough professional who put me at ease.
Also a special thanks to the two nurses, both caring and attentive during my whole time there.
Thank you so much!

Hairtransplantation/ Rhinoplasty/ Palatoplasty

I came from London I was not nervous at all Meltum made me feel at ease soon as I enterd. the nurses are amazing so friendly and welcoming. The hospital is clean. rooms are nice and spacious there is a shopping mail 5 min walk away. I also had lip fillers while I was here which also look great I will most probably come back to get my breasts done. The result are amazing I’m still abit swollen I felt no pain at all just abit tired after the opp I will be back to work soon as I get home. Thankyou to all the lovely staff at mediface I’m so happy with the results! Xxxxxx

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

The whole experience from my treatment was amazing. The people including Meltem, the surgeon and the nurses were all so lovely, caring and understanding. The nurses really looked after me well after the surgery. And i am very happy with my results. The surgeon listened to what I wanted and I got just what I wanted. Thank you

Fat transfer to Buttocks

I had my surgery in May and I love it. Meltem was so lovely, encouraging, caring and sweet all the way from when I first emailed her right up till the end of my surgery. Even the after care was wonderful from everyone at the clinic. I can not believe the kindness I received. I know I’m a bit late with wring my review but I wanted to let everyone know that this surgery has changed me in a positive way and it has given me the body I always wanted. I flew to turkey all on my own so I had no one to talk to but Meltem was there all the way and she introduced me to other patients. Thank you Meltem and thank you to my surgeon and everyone else who took special care of me, I was incredibly scared but I felt safe in their hands. Much appreciated and I will 100% come back.

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

Yes very clean hospital and very nice staff.. Meltem makes sure you are comfterble and happy

Very good results thank you

Tummy Tuck/ Fat transfer to buttocks

The clinic is so clean. All the nurses were absolutely lovely. Meltem answers every question you have. She is such a sweetheart and really puts you at ease. Everything was so easy considering it was a different country. I deffinately recommend this clinic. 5*

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Very pleased with the treatment i can already Tell a huge difference in my body. It was very hard for the Next 24hour post surgery but then it was completly fine. Im swollen at the moment but its going down every day! Everything looks already so much slimmer ! Thank you to the team of mediface 🙂

Fat transfer to Buttocks

So pleased with my treatment! Nice and clean clinic lovely staff especially meltem highly recommend this place thankyou so much :)!

Fat transfer to Buttocks

At first I was really nervous to travel to turkey for the BBL as I have heard so many scary stories about surgery abroad.

What I can vouch for is that with mediface you’re in very good hands. I was in contact with Meltem for around 4 months asking her many questions, in which she answered truthfully and with honesty. I was worried to begin with due to the language barrier, however once I arrived in turkey I realised that it wasn’t an issue.

Having surgery is a big decision and it is vital to do a lot of research beforehand. Futhermore it is also vital to be realistic with what you want to achieve.

What I can say about Mediface is that Meltem is the coordinator who does all of the organising. Meltem was my point of contact for any of my needs. I met the surgeon the morning of the op and the day after for a check up.

Meltem was comforting and hilarious which settled my nerves. Arriving into turkey she had arranged for the company driver to pick me up from the airport and take me to my hotel. The same gentleman picked me up in the morning of my op where, I had my blood checked by a beautiful Mieze who is the head nurse. Mieze took great care of me and she spoke german which made things better for me as English is not my first language. I was vulnerable after the operation but her being so compassionate gave me a positive experience.

After my blood was taken I was taken into the operation theatre and woke up laying on my stomach.

Results wise I am happy, I have a great shape now which is much different to my shape before surgery. I felt my back was shaped like a cereal box. The surgeon placed fat on top of my bum so I have more projection, however he did not place any at the bottom, so it does not look round and full as I might want. Its still early stages and I have a lot of swelling. I plan to write a more in depth review on realself once I have fully recovered.

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Very happy with my procedure, everything was great, hotel was nice as well as all the nurses and staff at the clinic, Meltem was always their for support and to answer any questions will defenitly recommend it.

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Since first time we contact Mediface Aesthetic Clinic everything was excellent. I am 65 year old woman, and the ugly wrinkles, big eyebags and the flaccid skin neck made me feel like I was much older and loss of confidence. I decided to operate at this clinic for the good referenced I read before at websites and extremely good experience with my son’s hair transplant one year ago. It was a complete success. Thanks to my lovely Meltem, it was much easier than I expected to; she made me feel I was at home all time and made my son much more reassured. It was a hard and long surgery but I start feeling much better since the 3rd day and the results of transfer face lift neck and eyelid surgery seems to be promising. Totally recommend this clinic for medical treatment and humanity.

Face and Neck lift , Upper and down Eyelid and Fat transfer to cheeks

Very satisfied! The nurses & the clinic are amazing constantly there to help when needed, Meltem was there to help when I needed it and reassure me everything will be just okay. My body is exactly how I wanted it and more thanks to the surgeon! Will definitely be back xxx

Fat transfer to Buttocks (BBL)

I had my fat transfer procedure with Mediface 12 days ago and you can see a massive difference with my shape.I traveled from the UK with a friend and I was picked up from the airport and taken to the hotel straight away. The hotel is very clean and the staff are very helpful and friendly. The next day I had my consultantion at the clinic with the lovely Meltem and my surgeon. Meltem was very professional and answered all of my questions. The staff were really nice after I had my surgery I had nurses assisting me and making sure if I was ok. I was able to walk around after the surgery with help and was in abit of pain. Meltem and the surgeon came to see if I was ok in the morning before I was discharged. I had a transfer ready to come and collect me to take me back to my hotel , the driver was helpful and the staff at mediface were very supportive and they speak English . I am very impressed with the experience. And Meltem is very helpful she will answer all the questions you need to know at any time of day 🙂 Mediface is highly recommended.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks ( BBL )

Firstly, I must say that I wasn’t nervous about my breast uplift or my liposuction I’m the alightest, but I was regarding my facelift. There’s no hinding if your face goes wrong.

But WOW! It’s been 4-5 weeks and I can’t stop looking in the mirror. My surgeon could not have done a better job. Infact it’s better than I imagined. I’ve pulled back the skin on my face so many times and it looked a million times better. Not only did he give me the lift but he contoured my chin and cheeks with my own fat, which was removed via lipo under my chin. 100% happy with my look.

As for my breast uplift and implants, again he worked wonders. I had one breast lower than the other, yet he’s alined them perfectly. No loss of sensation and they are healing lovely.

I had full leg and love handles lipo then fat transfer to buttock 3 weeks ago. I can see my legs are slimmer but one minute I’m very swollen the next I’m not. I can’t see what the end result will be yet. My buttock is still very swollen and will be like this for a further month or so. Still looks out of portortion at the moment. Again, it’s too early to be sure it’s going to look good.

As for the service, Meltem was there when ever I felt I needed reassurance. Which wasn’t often as I done my research. I didn’t have to worry about transport once or wait around. Meltem booked me an English speaking nurse to help me through the night. The care was fantastic.

Overall, I can’t recommend Mediface enough. If you have any anxieties then rest assure- Mediface know what they are doing. If I ever feel I want something more done then I would return without a second thought. My friends and family are already looking to book up too.

Breastuplift, Breast impilant, Fat Transfer to buttocks, Mid Facelift, fat transfer to chin

I had my boobs enlarged yesterday and 24hours later I am shopping in Turkey town centre there is no pain and my boobs are fantastic they look amazing the nurses where fantastic they were always checking on me and were so sweet Meltem was there and a great support she was so lovely and she was what apping Me in the night checking on me I’ve had a amazing expierence and I highly recommend this clinic thanks so much xx


Very pleased before and after operation. The drivers, kind nurses, translated and the doctor were just amazing with their services. Thanks for a wonderful experience and the great result of the nose! Warm and good hugs to all who worked with me and take care of me.


Very pleased with my results so far and happy with the amazing care that was always on standby from everyone involved at mediface such lovely people 🙂 i did find it hard some times with the language barrier but it wasn’t to much of an issue has Meltem was always there to assist.

Its one week post op an even though I’ve had some swelling the heeling is going great Meltem has be there to reassure me that its normal to swell an the side effects ive gotten are completely fine an normal.

before the operation everything ran so smoothly which is a nice relief for me as a patient to not have to worry about things such has hotel transfers ect.

The before an aftercare were spot on the surgeon listen to all my needs an from what i can see has giving me my dream body. Aftercare was amazing all the nurses were always there if you needed anything such a lovely clean place was very impressed ☺️

Cant wait to see my finished result Thank you Meltem 😘

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Very pleased with the treatment. Meltem was very helpful from beginning to end. The driver nurses were all so helpful

I am very pleased with the outcome and not that much discovered

Will defo be back again x

Fat transfer to Buttocks

This is my second time visiting mediface ! I’m so happy with my results my body is shaped exactly how I wanted it and my boobs are no longer saggy ! It’s such a clean clinic , the staff are amazing ! The nurses are so helpful. I would highly recommend mediface to everyone. There amazing at what they do. Thank you for helping me achieve my perfect body 🙂 I Love Meltem

Breast Implant Replacement, Breast Uplift and BBL

Ein grosser Dank an Dr. Hadi Nural und sein Team ! Ich bin mit der Behandlung auch vor und nach der OP sehr zufrieden und das Resultat ist phantastisch

Great job, thanx so much !!!

High european standard and extrem friendly staff


Upon arrival I was collected by driver, where I was escorted to clinic. Same day met the wonderful Meltem, and surgeon they all were very friendly, had coffee had a chat felt relaxed. Had blood taken by nurse, then escorted back to hotel.

Hotel was small but nice and clean and staff were very nice and helpful.

Driver was nice and helpful also, picked me up 8 am the next morning, day of operation

Felt nervous on my way to clinic, but then when Meltem came was feeling a lot better,

Signed and finished paper work

Then the surgeon came, he drew on my body with pen to mark all fat areas before surgery.

I was then escorted back to clinic room. Was clean big and spacious with bathroom.

I was then escorted to theatre,where the lovely Meltem was holding my hand, when I woke up from anesthetic

Nurses were around checking bloodpressure, Meltem was there for support.

Having said that spent 1 night at clinic, checked every 30 min by nurse, or use the bell if I needed toilet, they were ever so helpful and supportive, next day was discharged by surgeon with antibiotics and painkillers, my driver did everything else, and took me back to hotel he went shop to get me water juice collected prescription, for me. He held my hand I felt safe and supported. I went for walks the next day, took taxi to Terra City shopping centre walked and window shop till I Wass tired

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

I had My First surgery and I’m very satisfied with the results ! Extremely happy with my new nose.

Doktor Hadi nural is very professional and knows exactly what he is doing! I totally can recommended this clinic.

Also the staff is very friendly and speaks many languages German,English etc. It’s very clean and hygienic! Super just super!


I could never ask for better treatment,the wide experience of medical team was obvious from dynastic throughout surgery and recovery.all medical instruments devices and tools are high tech and significantly advanced.Very organised,well managed and comfortable. I was remarkably looked after.The neatness and well prepared appointment was very professional.Providing all information with high transparent vocabulary all the way.I was very pleased with the service,helpful and very friendly people,specially miss meltem, she was with me all the time even when she was off from work she was call me for double check.professional doctor kind and friendly with amazing helpful team.

I definitely recommend mediface clinic ..

Fat transfer to Buttocks

I have always wanted a more curvy body. The so called brazilian buttlift has been adound for a while, but there are no surgeons who perform this type of surgery in Germany.

I didn’t know what to do. Travelling to the dominican republic or USA was out of the question alone because of the long flight which I imagine to be problematic after surgery.

Out of the blue I saw the post of an in England living Girl who had undergone this type of surgery. Her stunning results were tagged to mediface clinic and the account of the Heart of the clinic- Meltem.

Since I knew the Girl from

Seeing, I knew the pictures were not fake. Turkey seemed Close but of course I was still anxious about Undergoing surgery in a foreign Country, until I contacted Meltem. 🙂

She responded right away, answered all of my questions day and night, took my anxieties and helped me with arranging everything.

Then when I finally got there and it was Time For my surgery Meltem always was by my side! Even when She was off from

Work, while I was in the clinic After the surgery, She whatsapped me on an hourly Basis To Double Check if I am fine and if the nurse was taking good care of me.

The entire Team And doctors are amazing And super super friendly, professional and helpful.

Everyone makes you feel comfortable.

And looking At my results, of course still swollen After a few Days, i Can say that i am

More than happy. My arms And legs Are already thus the swelling super skinny and my waistline, back etc as well. My buttocks are as prominent as wished, and yes, I feel like Jennifer Lopez now 🙂 haha

Thank you mediface with the best Assistant Meltem and her Team and of course the more than talented Doctors!

Fat transfer to Buttocks

I arrived at airport driver was waiting to take me to my hotel, The next morning at 8 AM my consultation 9 o’clock my surgery ( Lipo tummy fat transfer to buttocks/implant ) the hospital staff was so kind and caring. I was then put in an hospital Suite with 24 hour nurse care, meltem was there with me every step of the way she is such a kind and caring person I would definitely recommend her to anyone that’s interested in having surgery. Meltem and her team made me feel comfortable and safe I will back at some point.


I was very pleased with everything in this place, from staff to care to the treatment and most of all the results. They listen to your needs and take great lengths to keep clients happy.I recommend this place for sure as I have dealt with many surgeons before,this place by far exceeds expectations. 10/10

Fat transfer to Buttocks

I travelled to Antalya to have a fat transee wirh mediface on the Friday and came back the Monday, I have to say I was really nervous about travelling from London all the way to turkey to have surgery but meltem made me feel very reassured .

When I arrived at the airport my driver was waiting right outside for me , really nice guy ! He then dropped me to mediface clinic where I finally met with meltem and my surgeon , I was really suprised at how beautiful and clean the clinic looked ! Meltem was very clear and understanding of what I wanted the surgeon was also very professional and friendly.

The driver then took me back to my hotel the hotel was really nice and clean , nice food too. I pretty much chilled there until the morning of my surgery , again my driver was there on time waiting

For me he took me to the clinic.

When I got to the clinic I was feeling very nervous I got marked up showed the surgeon where I wanted far extracted from ect. I then got dressed into my robes and got taken down to theatre.

Really nice team down there and I can’t even remember being put to sleep that’s how calm it was

I woke up not feeling the best but its expected after drastic surgery ! The nurses were so nice they fed me until I could do it myself .

Overhaul of just like to say thank you to everyone and the clinic and meltem for being so amazing ! It’s only been a couple of days and already I’m happy with my results ! I can’t wait to come back for more surgery

Thank you

Fat transfer to Buttocks And Hips

Dr. Hadi Nural performed my rhinoplasty, this was a revision to sort out a bad rhinoplasty I had in the UK, and he really has done an excellent job, that I so desperately needed!, I was look after by a lady called Meltem who was absolutely brilliant, she speaks English and talked to me via the Internet, on every aspect of the operation, and ensured me everything would be ok, in which case it was!! Dr Hadi Nural is a very professional rhinoplasty specialist, he took photos of my nose and showed me what the end result would be, and put a camera up my nose, this was not done in the UK!. Dr Hadi Nural really has made a good job of my nose it’s now straight, lifted and smaller absolutely amazing results.

Secondary Rhinoplasty

SonJa Pluszcyzk
From the airport pick up to procedure and then finally the airport drop off everything was well organised and I’m pleased with the service

Meltem a very lovely lady that ensures your not left alone throughout the whole procedure she made me feel at ease throughout.

One of the nurses spoke German which I found amazing she was one of the most kindest person I had ever met thanks for everything and the support after the surgery.

The doctor was one of the most professional making sure I got exactly what I wanted.

The driver was very friendly too and always on time.

I would definitely recommend this to each and everything and I’m glad I chose Mediface.

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

From the airport pick up to hotel,Mediface was excellent. Hotel was just fine and friendly. Staff at the clinic are all antentive and very friendly! If you’re looking to have this treatment Meltem is the best person to talk to, always there to answer questions no matter what time, and was also inside with me. Can’t see the results fully yet but so far so good and I will be returning soon for a breast reduction, I will definatly recommend this clinic to anyone!

Fat transfer to Buttocks

I was going to the hospital at 8 in the morning and was little worried but I was feeling safe as soon as I spoke to Meltem. She was very kind to me and answered all my questions. When I was waked up after the surgery I was feeling little groggy and have little pain but later on a was feeling good and there was no problem to go back to Sweden. Now 2 months later I am feeling like normal again but 100 times better with my new body.
I liked the clean clinic,the staff that always taked good care of me anytime I needed something. And the plastic surgeon that did a beautiful job with me. And of course meltem! My angel! Thank you so much

Fat transfer to Buttocks And Hips

Had a hair transplant 3,200 grafts, this was my second operation as previously I had a hair transplant from a different clinic.
I chose Mediface primarily because of the quality of service they offer, Meltem is their main agent and is a pleasure to deal with.
Communication is good and pick up from airport, stay at hotel and and clinic were all professionally organised.
I would highly recommend this clinic they have a high standard of ethical code and know what they are doing.
Too early to know the results of my operation but compared to last time I was glad I went to Mediface.
Great service 5 stars!!


Hair Transplantation

I’m 3 weeks post-op and I have done fat transfer to my hips. Im a tiny girl with not alot of fat so we liposuctioned from my stomach, inner thighs and back!

I am very pleased with my treatment.

First off, i would like to thank Meltem for her extraordinary work and commitment. She is the doctors middle hand, who answer all your questions and give you all the information you need pre-operation, before you meet the doc for a consultation. And she is availible not only before op, she always check on you durning and after day of surgery.

Communication was not a problem. And the staff who take care of you was such a sweethearts. Very pleased with your service Mediface, Thankfull for ALL the staff

And I think its worth to mention the clinic. It was bright, fresh and very steril. I can honesty mention that i was scared at first, to travel for a surgery . But i think im lucy who ended up here.

My first week post-op was quite painfull. Not a pain you can’t handle. I was already back at work after 8 days. Im still healing, but im already happy that i made this op. It was definitely Worth it and i Will be back soon!!

Lots of love!

Fat transfer to Buttocks And Hips

I am three weeks post op from having BBL with lipo on my back, flanks and tummy. Firstly I would like to say THANK YOU to all of the team and Mediface, you are guys are awesome. Every single person there treated me very well, nurses are top class. Meltem is a gem, she has been excellent from the first time I made contact with Mediface. Upto now she is still doing her best to help me with all my post op concerns. The surgeon knows his staff, well done!! The driver was very patient and helpful, he wasn’t just a driver because he was very helpful.

Now on my treatment lol, sorry I went on a bit but I can’t give a review without letting everyone know how great the whole team is. After surgery I was sore but didn’t feel the pain too much because of the pain killers that I was given. On day two I shed a few tears, the pain was terrible but I was able to move around and travel back to UK on day 3 after op. After 10 days I was able to come off all pain medication and I have been okay ever since.

I am very pleased with my results, my tummy is a lot flat, there is more volume on my buttocks and I can see a big difference on my waist. I am still swollen so I will come back with a review of the final result but so far I am very pleased with the results.

I have 3 friends who are considering to also fly to Turkey to have procedures done at Mediface. That’s how good their work on me was!!! :))

Well done all, see you guys soon when I come back for the tummy tuck and breast reduction.

Fat Transfer To Buttocks

5 stars

It was so easy to communicate with the clinic, Mr Baris was really friendly and helpful. The hotel was Good and in nice location.

Regarding the operation,I didn’t feel any pain after the operation the bruises were not visible.

The doctor was really confident during the consultant session and that made calm.

I am happy with the result.

I really recommend Mediface Clinic.


Everything was fine and everyone at the clinic was kind the doctor was so good at he’s work I woke up with no pain everything was so good! Baris and Meltem helped me through everything and they really made sure that I was comfortable I can definitely recommend this clinic


I am really pleased with my treatment. The recovery time was short, the price was good and the service was great. Meltem supported me throughout the whole process. I am definitely coming back if I want to have another surgery.

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Abdominoplasty. I am 62 years old and older than many other people who do this opr.,so I was a little worried about how it would go. I come to the clinik in the morning 8 o’clock and was taken to operating room, than I received general anesthesia. A few hours later I woke up in my room and got good help from my nurse. To days later I go home. It was a little painful after the surgery, but with painkiller it went okay. I am very pleased with the result.
This clinic is very good, the staff is very friendly and helpful. For me it was very nice that they spoke English ( I’m norwegian) Good information all the way. Also very good service with driving to and from the hotel before surgery.


I had liposuction on my stomach, flanks, back and all over my thighs. Also fat transfer to my lips, cheeks and buttocks. Today is exactly three weeks since the surgery and I have been measuring my results. The results I got are exactly what I wanted. Now most of the swelling is gone I have kept a decent amount of fat, I can see a difference although I do not look like a duck 🙂 I am so glad the surgeon convinced me having 1cc to my lips instead of 0.2cc which I asked for, he explained that I would only keep about 30% of fat injected to my lips and he was right. I lost most of the volume the first week, nearly half of it so maybe about 40%. The third week I have not noticed any difference from the second week so I suppose I will slowly loose some more the coming months since it takes approximately three months to see the definitive result. But still, I am confident it will not be that much of a change from now. The liposuction – I just can’t believe how fast my body has healed! Most of the bruises were gone already the first week, the worst ones were on the insides of my thighs and today, three weeks later, all the bruises are gone. When it comes to pain there is no real pain, just uncomfortable feeling of soreness. Seriously, I have had more pain day after weight training than day after after this lipo.
I chose this clinic because of the price was much lower than in Sweden but everything else was at least as good. The clinic is fresh, bright and clean. The surgeon spoke good english and was honest about what could be done and not. The nurses did not speak much of english, but that was never a problem. They were checking up on me frequently all day and night and made me feel vey safe. Then there is Meltem! She was my first contact with the clinic and was with me at every step. I sent her pictures of what I wanted and later she was present at the surgery making sure I got it!

Fat transfer to Buttocks

I had a liposuction of my whole abdomen/waist area combined with a fat transfer to my buttocks and lips by surgeon Engin, at Mediface (Antalya, Turkey) this month. I am still waiting to see the final results, but the small changes I can see so far, have all ready made me a happier person. There has been some pain involved, yes, but I had great help in relieving this. The quality of the hospital itself is very good, and the staff are very sweet. Especially the anaesthesia doctor there I liked a lot, she was very cool and helpful, and Meltem (the coordinator) is fantastic. Meltem has been there to help me through this 24/7- from the moment I started researching on this procedure several months ago, and right up until now, she is still guiding me through post operative care. She is an incredible (and busy) woman!
I really feel that I could not have made a better choice in choosing this clinic.I highly recommend Mediface, and surgeon Engin, to anyone out there, looking for any aesthetic change.

BBL and Fat transfer to lips

I did breast implants and i am very happy about my operation here. I will recommend this place if u want good service and good doctors who understand u. The implants I got was 365g, and it’s well done and a good job.
I had a good experience here, and i felt like i was taking cared of. It’s a Nice clinic with modern Rooms and a great bed if u are going to spend a night over. Lovely people working here, good doctors!

Breast Implant

After having 2 children I had breast lift and augmentation surgery done with Mediface and am currently 8 weeks post op and am really happy with the results. After surgery I did not experience pain as such just slight discomfort which is to be expected. I was to say the least, a bit ‘groggy’ after waking but the staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease, Meltem even got in contact with my partner to come and see me not long after coming round which was really nice. I am a lot more comfortable with my body since having this op done as my breasts have always been a bit of an issue for me and they chose a perfect size for my body. Thanks Meltem and all the staff at Mediface for all of your kindness and support. We are from the UK but were holidaying in Antayla and thought it would be the perfect time to do this surgery without the hassle of everyday life. After extensive research and a lot of contact with the lovely Meltem we decided to go ahead and book. All of our emails were answered promptly so we felt very secure with our decision. Upon arrival to the clinic Meltem and the staff were very friendly yet professional; not only to my partner and I but also our two little girls. The clinic is very modern, sleek and clean. We discussed my surgery before the day and any last minute questions were answered further backing up that we had made the right decision in where we booked. It was a bit strange having to have everything translated but that is to be expected when booking anything abroad.

Breast Uplift and Breast Implant

I am 2 weeks post op from butt implant surgery.The surgery was a bit painful. In terms of value, Mediface’s prices were by far the most reasonable, especially considering the 5 star treatment that is given.
I did extensive research on the stacks of clinics where to have a good butt implant, based on the honest reviews online I chose to have a consult with Mediface and traveled to Antalya. I met Meltem,Meltem was there to greet us as soon as we arrived and was very helpful and informative regarding the surgery. She was available pre-op anytime for any questions I had and was with me every step of the way up until my departure from the clinic. The staff made me feel very comfortable and took care of my every need, the rooms are amazingly clean and modern.
I would recommend anyone considering any type of surgery to consider Mediface first.

Buttocks Implant / Fat Transfer to Buttocks

The procedure went well and I could see changes in my body right after the surgery.. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m still swollen. So I’m waiting for my final result. But I could see a huge difference around my hip area where the fat was transferred to. The Doctor is very professional, calm and knows the procedure quiet well. The clinic is very clean,the staffs are friendly and helpful. Meltem is also a wonderful soul, she’s always there when ever you need her. It takes her seconds to reply to my emails and gave me the necessary information regarding my procedures. She made sure i lack nothing throughout my stay. She knows exactly what I want and where I needed a job immediately I removed my dress.. She checks up on me every minute to make sure I’m good. The clinic arranged my pick up from the airport to the hotel and transfer to the clinic all through my stay in Antalya. I’m planning to go back soon for another procedure. Thanks To Mediface

Fat transfer to Hips

I had a rhinoplasty, is now 12 days from the operation.
The clinic taked very good care me the whole time before and after the operation. I didn’t feel any big pain so I didnt use any painkillers.
I’m very pleased with service in this clinic they make me feel very comfortable,
I had a good contact with Meltem that worked there she was very wonderful and make me feel very calm about the whole operation.
The hospital is very clean and nice and the staff is very good so I can recommend this clinic .


Still recovering but I am very happy with the treatment, and the professionalism of the staff. I had liposuction done and had good care before and after the surgery. The clinic is very modern and has everything you would except in a modern hospital. Veryvery clean ! I had liposuction on my hips and thighs, which are looking good !
Thank you for an excellent service! All staff were amazing and took such good care of me. The surgeon and anaesthetist come and see you several times to make you less anxious. Overall an excellent experience A special thank you to Meltem Looking forward to see you again.

Liposuction full Legs

I am 2 weeks post op from breast implant replacement surgery. Having had this surgery before I have to say that I was very afraid from the pain and recovery due to past experience however at Mediface I was very pleasantly surprised. The surgery was literally painless, I didn’t even require any meds for pain. In terms of value, Mediface’s prices were by far the most reasonable, especially considering the 5 star treatment that is given.
I am a UK national living in Antalya so I did extensive research on the stacks of clinics around me, based on the honest reviews online I chose to have a consult with Mediface and arranged a meeting with Meltem. Meltem was there to greet us as soon as we arrived and was very helpful and informative regarding the surgery. She was available pre-op anytime for any questions I had and was with me every step of the way up until my departure from the clinic. The staff made me feel very comfortable and took care of my every need, the rooms are amazingly clean and modern, the food was delicious and most of all my surgeon was millimetre perfect with his work. I am extremely happy with my experience at Mediface and I would recommend anyone considering any type of surgery to consider Mediface first. I for sure will be back soon!!!

Breast Implant Replacement

I had the butt lift and fat transfer to butt, breast lift and implants, tummy tuck and liposuction on the body, to shape and contour my body after weight loss. My body was very swollen after the surgery and so I have to wait 12 weeks to see the final results and know if I need to come back for any revisions, so I can’t comment on the actual procedures yet but will do after the time has passed and everything has healed. I keep in contact with the clinic and will send them pictures every few weeks. So my rating is about the customer service ONLY and not the procedures and my body as I have to give more time for that.
I chose this clinic due to the customer service award I saw. Because I was going abroad from the UK, I wanted to have great customer service and know I would not be left alone after the procedure. Meltem was and is my main point of contact and she is very friendly and helpful and looks after you from beginning to end. I email her a lot and she always replies. My surgeon was also very friendly and answers all my questions, they want the best results for you and to make sure you are happy. The nurses were lovely and helped me with everything after my procedures as I really could not move. There is a language barrier but everyone is so helpful and friendly and nice so you feel comfortable. The clinic is very professional and clean and all the staff were friendly and welcoming. The staff at the hotel I stayed in were also lovely and looked after me while I was there. I look forward to time passing and seeing how my body heals and I know if I have to come back Meltem and the team will look after me and make sure all is okay. The customer service here is really good, so I recommend on that basis definitely.

Breast Uplift and impilant, Buttock Uplift and IMplant, Liposuction on arms, Liposuction on full legs, Fat transfer to buttocks and Tummy tuck

I had eye bag removal and upper lid correction surgery. The whole procedure was painless. Even after I’m back to London the clinic contact me to check if everything ok. I would recommend the clinic to my friends.
The clinic is clean and comfortable to stay after the surgery. The food could be better. The nurse was not good in English what did a bit difficult but she was professional from medical side. Meltem was very helpful and catering.

Upper and Down Eye Lid Surgery

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift, from the pick up service to hotel and clinic it is 5* service, clinic is lovely surgery was very quick and was able to go home 24 hours after op. So happy with my results I have a slim waist and big bum what I always wanted. Meltem is a lovely woman she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, the doctor is lovely too and all the staff are attentive and caring. Going back in September for breast implants. Altogether I payed €2500 cheap cheerful and worth every penny. Thank you Mediface xxx

Buttocks Fat Transfer

I am pleased with the results and service and can definitely recommend this clinic. they are good and responsive .

Brazilian Buttocks Fat Transfer to Buttocks

I Did My fat transfer surgery at Mediface in Antalya and its the best choice I ever did. The staff is the kindest persons I have ever met in My life. My first contact was with Meltem. Who is Meltem? Meltem is the one that help you with all your questions, information, boknings, and everything you will need to know. Meltem has become now Also a good friend! She is the kindest person and so down to earth! She is a Diamond . She helped me to fix everything so I could feel comfortabable. My surgeon and all the doctors and nurses are Angels and very proffesional! I recomend this Clinic very well and My results is already very good and I Love My new shape?? I had no pain at all, just a little bit strange feeling but it becomes better and better?? I am looking forward to see More results Every day!

Brazilian Buttocks - Fat Transfer to Buttocks

It’s very fantastic! All People at Mediface clinic are pleasant and professional. Kindness and respect are Wonderfull! Meltem is a very special person now she is like a member of my family! Thank you for all things!!

Abdominoplasty Breast Implant

I’m more than pleased with the results, and the service plus the professional staff. I’ve had the best Doctors and Nurses to make me feel home and secure at all times. I’m thanking you all from the bottom of my heart

Closed Rhinoplasty

I am very happy I found this clinic and got in contact with Melmet shes wonderful. She was so positive and was always there to answer my questions very professional. She was there for me the whole time even during the operation 🙂 The doctor was also very professional he knows what his doing. Its only gone 10 days that I had the surgery and I am already very happy with the results. I had a rhinoplasty and already My nose change alot . The staff made me feel calm and they took good care of me after the operation I loved it and I am happy I choose this hospital I looked a long time and this one was the one that I felt was the best for me .


Mediface are a great clinic and I had a good experience with them. First of all, meltem is a brilliant correspondent :).. She’s super friendly and always answers questions promptly. She also made sure I felt comfortable throughout my whole trip. All the staff at the clinic, although not English speaking, were still very nice and caring. The food was good, the surgeons were good and came to check in on me after the surgery. The environment was neat and hygenic. And the whole trip including hotel stay, food, medicine, was included in the price so brilliant value for my money too. I am only in my first week and a half since my procedure and am yet to see my complete results but I do feel like I was listened to when it came to what exactly I wanted from my surgery 🙂

Brazilian Buttocks lift

I am so impressed with my experience with mediface clinic. I got a Brazilian butt lift here just over a week ago. Meltem was superb, she sorted out everything from airport transfers, to the hotel stay and all. I’m also impressed with the treatment and recovery. The staff at the clinic are polite. The doctors are also very professional and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thanks Meltem for making sure everything went smoothly.

Brazilian Buttocks lift

More than happy. Very well planned and excellent care from everyone. The hotel was also very good. Also had a call every day to make sure everything was good. Would have no hesitation recommending the surgery to anyone. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who made my stay very comfortable. Thanks again.


Meeting Dr Hadi Nural and his beautiful team was the best decision I ever made. One procedure has been a life changing experience for me. I thank you all for being so welcoming and looking after me. You all are amazing , friendly and extremely professional. My Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty results are absolutely amazing! Thank you Dr Hadi Nural.


Dental Implant

It was the best. First just wonna say to my experience doctors thanks so much ı wish to see you once again the best Mediface in the world kindly doctors and personals the best hospitality

Hair Transplantation

“I’m really pleased with everything

Everything was even better then I could ever wish for. I’m really pleased with everything.

Breast Implant

I was hesitant about my procedure.Talking to Meltem made me comfortable as she was there to see for my concerns and is very friendly. I am almost 21days post and I can see that Dr.Hadi and his team have done a great job, my overall look and breathing are better Till date ! He is very skillfull!

Septoplasty, Turbinate reduction

I called the clinic after I searched on the net and was very surprised how they gave me an appointment in a very short time and did my tests and procedure in one day I got so excited to do as I thought and wanted to do those procedure since long time ago but didn’t have the chance. As I was in Antalya for a short vacation I thought it may be a chance to do it but after calling several clinics I got a bit afraid from their feedback until I found Mediface clinic they were very clear about the procedure and prices therefore I decided to do it. I had a liposuction treatment and fat transfer the treatment was very good the Dr. Whom did the procedure was amazing I had a local anesthetic and the lady did it made me feel no pain. In addition, the stuff and nurses were so helpful in everything they took care of me before and after treatment since I had to stay few hours after the treatment in the clinic. Although, the price was reasonable for doing both liposuction and fat transfer. Overall everything was wonderful specially that I didn’t feel any pain during the treatment and it didn’t take long, further after the treatment their was mild pain that I was able to tolerate but since my second day the pain started to go away and I was able to travel the second day of my treatment and get back to work. I am really happy with the procedure and thankful to all the staff at the clinic. I am waiting for the results after few weeks 🙂

Fat Transfer To Buttocks - Liposuction

Aftab Shah-Imran Sarwar
I am very pleased with the service. It has been a week since I had a hair transplant. Everything seems to me to be okay. Helpful and very friendly people, especially Miss Meltem, who goes out of her way to help. English spoken, nice and clean clinic, good value for money.

Laura Gyldenbjerg

Hair Transplantation
23/07/14 - 24/07/14

Meltem was always there to answer questions! Made me feel confident and positive with what i was going to get! Hospital staff phenomenal and still waiting to see results!

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Laura Gyldenbjerg
I am ecstatic with everything that has transpired between myself and the clinic right from the start. They were very quick to reply to my initial inquiry, and were very patient with all my emails (an exchange of over 100 at last count!).

I had a breast lift, full tummy tuck, arm lift and liposuction on legs – all at the same time. Many other clinics in Canada or here on WhatClinic would not do one surgery, let alone all 4.

I spent the evening at the hospital and then transferred the next day to the very comfortable, clean, quiet and cool clinic. I was released to my hotel after 2 days, and have had inquiries from the clinic very day since returning to ensure I am feeling well. I will return to see the doctor in a few more days, and know that we will all be very pleased with my results. Other than a little bit of soreness (and having to wear the corsets), I am now considering myself a tourist – and not a patient!

All the staff at the clinic, as well as the hospital in Antalya were spectacular! Although I do not know a lot of Turkish, Meltem interpreted into English, and those very few times when she was not available, the nurses, and aids did their best to communicate with me. Everyone was very kind, considerate, and very efficient. Meltem, my new Turkish sister, was always by my side to help hold my hand, and answer any question I had.

I have had relatively little pain – only some discomfort.

I can’t say how much I appreciate the help everyone has given me in starting a new life for me. Çok tesekkür ederim!
full tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift/liposuction and leg liposuction

Full Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Arm lift Liposuction on Legs

Everything went well. I am on day 8 after the transplant. The swelling is almost gone. And a lot of the scabs have come out, so far so good.

Hair Transplantation

Yes I’m extremely happy with the high levels of service and the price was fixed. Everything was better than I expected. I travelled from London to Antalya, Turkey and from the start Meltem (my English speaking consultant) was so pleasant and very helpful. I felt comfortable and welcomed soon as I arrived. I was briefed and asked if I had any questions. I was introduced to my surgeons and doctors and my surgery went better than I expected. I was not left with any bruising just a bit of swelling after the lipo. I would definitely go back as it is so clean, professional with a friendly service. Especially to travel abroad, as a whole I wouldn’t change it for anything. It was perfect. I recommend this to everyone. It’s Harley Street in Antalya. Thank you so much for everything.

Fat Transfer from Abdominal area to Buttocks

I had fat transferred from my belly to my breasts, its now day 4 and I am feeling very well, I had minimal pain, and a bit discomfort, the service provided was very good. The results for now look amazing, I am very pleased with it. I met Meltem, a very charming lady, who told me about the procedure along with the surgeon, I am still in contact with her via whatsapp, and whenever I have an inquiry I contact her and she contacts me. Also the nurses and other staff were very kind and helpful. I definitely recommend this place.

Fat transfer to Breasts

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