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Under-Eyes Filler

A Complete Guide to Under-Eyes Fillers in Antalya, Turkey

We can bear with everything but not our eyes especially in this age of social media - Instagram and Snapchat. Our eyes are sensitive and the most important part of the body. 

Over time, due to aging effects, anxiety, and stressful hormones, our eyes become pale and create dark circles thus a tired appearance indeed.

The thinning hollows under your eyes make you seem aged before old age thus creating psychological barriers about your physical health. It can also disturb your social life and make you lose your confidence when you are in a party and other social events. 

This is where under-eye fillers treatment  steps in as a complete solution to many facial problems and is the finest treatment to give you reasons to smile.


What are Under-eye Fillers and Who Needs This Therapy?

Makeup artists know the skill to hide these dark circles under cosmetic products to give you a youthful, bright, and fair look. But that is a short term remedy and remains for a few hours, a temporary cure indeed.

Under-eye fillers are the modern injectable facial treatment consisting of hyaluronic acid which we normally call as Restylane and Juvederm. 

They help to increase the collagen production that our body needs.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced in our bodies. HA fillers are created with a synthetic gel exactly a mimicry of the natural hyaluronic acid.

These fillers rejuvenate your skin nourishment, increase the under-eye volume, and bring back the glowy tone and complexion.

Aging hits everybody that is a natural process but sticking with it or slowing down its effects is our choice. If you have the following skin disorders then filler therapy is sure to help you.

  • Under-eye hollows, the dark circles, and paling eyelids
  • Dermatologists call it as a type of skin abnormality, a tear trough
  • the low volume under the eyes
  • You seem aged even under forty

As the therapy relates to the most sensitive part of our face, therefore, it is highly recommended to get yourself examined by expert surgeons to receive natural and appealing results.

Why Getting Under-eye Filler Therapy in Antalya, Turkey?

Mediface is an ultra-modern hospital in the heart of Antalya and has a digital skincare center with the latest surgery and skin-related machinery. We have up-to-date and the latest medical types of equipment.

Our certified board of facial plastic surgeons are the finest experts of surgical and non-surgical operations and have provided natural and desired results to many happy patients out there. Our surgeons have years of experience in cosmetic non-surgical operations and are trained to treat sensitive skin types.

Our surgeons understand how wrinkling effects near eyes can disturb your social and married life - making you uncomfortable about your facial features.

There are many seasonal aestheticians and medical spas who lack the knowledge and have no expertise to treat under-eye hollows unprofessionally. It requires a deep understanding of facial anatomies like facial bones, ligaments, and facial fat to determine where exactly fillers need to be injected. 

There are also many blood vessels near the eyes that need care and attention to rightly inject the fillers. Therefore, the procedure demands skilled dermatologists to do the treatment.

Because if fillers are injected by expert surgeons, the results appear to be more natural and smooth. 

It is also important to understand the reasons for dark circles. If dark circles are caused by the low volume under the eyes or are the result of hyperpigmentation.

Therefore, Mediface recommends you to get an appointment by our expert dermatologists and discuss your skin type, the issues you are facing and get preoperative knowledge about the therapy.

What does It feel to Get the Under-eye Filler Therapy?

The procedure to apply hyaluronic acid fillers is painless and does not require anesthesia but if insisted you can get a topical anesthesia cream  applied under your eyes ease down your fear. However, it also delays the process to 30 to 40 minutes where normally it takes 10 to 15 minutes.


There are two methods to inject fillers into the skin. Either through needles or mostly surgeons prefer to inject filers through micro injectors. Though, it also depends on the sensitivity of the skin.

The results do not take much time and you will feel normal after one or two hour of treatment. If you have any meeting scheduled in the evening time, get the facial treatment  and you are all set to go out for a party. However, proper results will start appearing in one or two weeks. 

The procedure is harmless and patients do not complain about any side effects but still, there are a few side-effects associated with therapy which are as following

  1. Bruising
  2. Swelling

The side effects are resolvable within one or two weeks. Our surgeons will prescribe you skincare creams and necessary medications.

Information You Need before Under-eye Filler Therapy

The therapy can do wonders if it is applied properly by expert surgeons. These are some of the benefits that you will feel after the treatment: 

  • The therapy is non-invasive and requires no aftercare
  • It is safe for all ages
  • HA fillers resolve into the body in very few minutes
  • Provide extra smoothness and softness under the eyes
  • Fatigue under your eyes disappears thus giving a glowing and radiant look
  •  The results of the treatment are long-lasting

If you have any allergic reaction to certain medications, inform your surgeon to avoid any skin complications.

Facilities and Terms by Hospital Management

  • The hospital provides you free transport facility from the airport/hotel to the skin care center
  • We will also provide all the medications during your hospital stay
  • If needed, the hospital will perform certain medical tests of blood pressure and sugar before starting the treatment
  • You are required to pay the hospital and surgery-related dues before the procedure
  • You can book your appointment for a consultation with our board of surgeons today

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