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The word implant means “to plant” in Latin. Dental implants also mean that screws, which are usually made of titanium, are placed in the jawbone and hold tightly there. These screws replace the tooth root structure and act as roots.

Dental implants have been used for about 50 years. In Turkey it has started to become popular in the 2000s. Dentists frequently resort to dental implants in order to complete the missing tooth without damaging the other teeth in single tooth losses and to apply fixed prostheses instead of removable prostheses in cases of total edentulism.

With the use of dental implants, the presence of bone in the area of lost teeth is preserved. Bone establishes a tight bond with implant surfaces, allowing them to function like natural teeth. Biting and chewing functions prevent bone resorption by stimulating the bone. In addition, with dental implants, the mouth is restored to its natural state without the need to cut neighboring teeth. For this reason, in the presence of missing teeth, if there is no negative situation for implant construction, it is the best application that should be preferred.

With the help of techniques and equipment, it has become possible to eliminate almost all kinds of tooth deficiencies with dental implant applications in patients with adequate oral care motivation who also have good general state of health, since dental implants provide an easy and painless application under local anesthesia, have been in use for more than 30 years reportedly, made the communication with the bone decrease to a short period of time with the developing technology and advanced surgery techniques.

One of the most important factors affecting the success in implant application is bone structure. The person must have a suitable bone tissue for the implant. The volume and quality of bone tissue should be evaluated with 3-dimensional dental tomography. If the bone is sufficient for the implant, there is no age limit for application.


What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

  • Its appearance, function and feeling are very close to natural teeth.
  • It is much more aesthetic in the long term.
  • Neighboring teeth do not need to be cut.
  • It is more hygienic than a bridge, easier to clean.
  • Natural biting and chewing function is provided.
  • Resorption in the bone is prevented.
  • The integrity of the facial structures is preserved.
  • No damage is done to the neighboring natural teeth.
  • It provides a more functional and aesthetic structure compared to the poor function, aesthetics and difficulty of use of removable prostheses.


What Affects Dental Implant Treatment and Recovery Period

As with many procedures, the success rate of implant placement varies from person to person. The reasons for the failure of the implants used as treatment options include poor bone quality, insufficient bone level, and insufficient vertical distance between the lower and upper jaws, living anatomical structures in the areas adjacent to the implant area, or the jaw and face structures that are still developing. Certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and sinus problems can also affect the fusion of the implant with the bone. Smoking can also affect the healing process. However, proper planning, selection of placement area and proper implant application will ensure a very high level of success.

What Should I Eat After Dental Implant Treatment?

After the implants are placed, you need to pay attention to your nutrition for a few months. Since the gums opened by surgical operation are closed with stitches; the stitches should never be hit during the healing process. Until the stitches are removed, care should be taken not to consume hard foods and not to apply pressure to the stitched area. In this period when the titanium implant is in the process of union with the jawbone; extremely hot or extremely cold foods should not be consumed. Otherwise, you could damage the stability of the implant. It is always better to consult your doctor about your diet.

Can I Continue Smoking and Drinking After Dental Implant Treatment?

Alcohol and cigarette consumption after implants have a negative effect on the healing process. These substances increase the risk of inflammation by preparing a suitable ground for bacterial plaques, adversely affect the fusion of titanium implants with the jawbone depending on carbon monoxide and toxic factors, delay the healing of the stitch and wound area, and decrease blood supply. It is advised to stop smoking 15 days prior to your treatment or smoking less before and after the treatment.

Dos and Don’ts after Dental Implant Treatment

  • During the first 2 hours after the treatment, you should not eat or drink anything. In the first 24 hours, hot drinks should be avoided and only light and cold foods (cold mashed potatoes, milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream etc.) should be consumed. These rules, which are valid for the first 24 hours, are also valid for 1 week afterwards.
  • In the first day after implant application, bleeding may occur in the mouth. When you wake up in the morning; if you see blood on your pillow, don’t worry. In order for the wound area to start healing, you should be careful not to spit and gargle. On the evening of the procedure, you should not brush your teeth or gargle.
  • 36 hours after the procedure, it is recommended to mouthwash twice a day for 2 weeks. Gargle time is 1 minute and nothing should be consumed for 30 minutes afterwards. Smoking and alcohol should not be consumed for the first 24 hours. It is recommended not to smoke until complete recovery is observed in the procedure area.
  • If painkillers or antibiotics have been prescribed by your dentist in case of possible pain you may experience, take as recommended.
  • In the first 2-3 days, swelling may occur in the operation area, cheek or under the eyes. This situation will heal itself within 10 days, do not worry. You can put ice on the process area for 10 minutes at intervals of 10 minutes and continue this process for several hours at specified time intervals.


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