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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening and Holiday

We all want to have a nice holiday with our beautiful white teeth. But do you know what kind of a teeth whitening procedure you should get and what you should pay attention to? Here, we will talk about the main topics you should know if you would like to have teeth whitening procedure.

It is possible and easy to achieve that white teeth look with whitening procedure that will be applied by your dentist in a couple sessions but there are some things you need to do to prevent your teeth going back to its previous status; such as avoiding food and drinks that include coloring agents. So it means that you will not be able to drink tea, coffee, juice etc. during your holiday, if you have this treatment right before going to holiday, which may make your holiday an unpleasant memory. Even though it takes only a couple of days to fade, it is possible for some patients to experience teeth sensitivity after their teeth whitening procedure. That’s why it is recommended to undergo this process before holiday.

Office type teeth whitening procedure may not be enough to achieve the desired look and a house type teeth whitening procedure can be recommended and applied to support the professional teeth whitening as well. It would be a better choice to do all of these at home and get it sorted out and then go on a holiday.

Teeth whitening procedure professionally applied with a gel works by helping the liquid that makes the coloration inside tooth and pure water change places. Excessive use of this mechanism may cause unnecessary tooth sensitivity. Hence it is always better not to rush this treatment but get it done a little earlier than your holiday to get maximum results. On the other hand, if you wait too much after your treatment to go on a holiday, the gloss effect of the whiter teeth obtained at first may decrease over time.

Having the teeth whitening procedure done a few weeks before your holiday and getting the result and going on vacation while the effect is at its highest gives more pleasant results.


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