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What is Cerec Digital System?

Thanks to the Cerec digital system, the problem of waiting for days for prosthetic treatment is now over. 3D tooth making, which comes into our lives with the advancement of technology and digital transformation in the field of dentistry, provides great convenience for both physicians and patients.

What is Cerec?

3D printers have also revolutionized the healthcare industry. With the Cerec digital system, which is a computer-aided displaying and design system, it is now possible to take the patient’s tooth measurements and design the teeth in as little as 40 minutes. Processes such as taking dental measurements and waiting for a new tooth mold for days are now a thing of the past for clinics that adapt to new technology. This system, called Cerec Cad-Cam technology, means computer-aided design and production. Among the processes that can be performed using the Cerec system, there are the design of teeth that have lost material such as porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays, bridges and laminates. Especially Cerec crowning is one of the most preferred dental crowning methods recently.

What are the advantages of Cerec filling?

The biggest advantage of having Cerec filling is to save time. Patients can reduce the procedures of a few sessions to a single session, which shortens the time allocated for dental treatment and offers a better quality of treatment to the patient. In this process, without the need for temporary prostheses needed in the past, treatment is often possible in one session. Dental restorations can also be done without metal and in the form of full porcelain. Its cost is much more advantageous than its advantages.


How is Cerec used in dental treatments?

Cerec Cad-Cam tooth construction consists of certain stages. The first of these is the measurement phase. At this stage, the patient’s mouth is powdered with a special powder and the measurement is taken. Digital camera is used when taking measurements. In the second stage, the tooth suitable for this size is designed and placed in the patient’s mouth in a digital environment. While placing the tooth, attention is paid to the patient’s anatomical structure and expectations. The dentist can make some aesthetic changes where he deems necessary. Then the production phase is started. At this stage, the tooth color of the patient is determined and sent to production with the same tone block. It takes about 10 minutes for a single tooth to come out of production. This tooth, produced with micron precision, is finally attached to the patient’s mouth. There is no need for temporary tooth and mold application. The patient can return to his daily life after getting new teeth in a single session. The biggest difference of Cerec teeth from other prostheses is the way of production, time saving and comfortable treatment process. In addition, patients who have difficulties due to the gag reflex in some dental treatments can have new teeth much more easily with this system and can be treated quickly. As technology progresses and begins to show itself in the health sector, much better quality and result-oriented treatment opportunities have become possible. The Cerec digital system is one of the revolutionary applications in this field and is widely used all over the world.

What does Sirona Cerec Turkey do?
Sirona Company is a worldwide innovation leader in dental technology. For this reason, many clinics around the world, serving with state-of-the-art devices and units, are in business partnerships with Sirona companies. Sirona manufactures, develops and sells many dental units, tools and systems such as Cerec digital system, Cad/Cam restoration systems, panoramic and 3D displaying systems. Products of the Sirona brand are offered for sale in 135 countries.

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