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A Complete Guide to PRP Procedure in Antalya, Turkey

Most of the research about the human body is linked to facial treatments. The more medical science is revolutionizing, the easier it is becoming to treat many skin-related disorders, aging effects, and alopecia, etc.

Ove time our facial features start declining. Wrinkles begin to appear near the forehead, eyes, and cheeks. Our youthful glow comes to fade.

On the other hand, hair loss (alopecia) is the most common skin disorder that prevails in almost the entire world. Most of the youth are suffering from hair fall. Watching your hair fall and not able to do something about is the most stressful and tiring feeling.

Platelet-rich plasma has been doing wonders for our skin disorders, slowing down our aging effects, treating many joints, other sports injuries and so far the most effective treatment for hair fall.

Who Should Go for PRP Therapy in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is a medically advanced city in Turkey. The city has many ultra-modern skin centers equipped with digital and up-to-date methods for many skin disorders.

Mediface is one of the finest hospitals and facial care centers in the heart of Antalya. Our certified board of surgeons uses very effective PRP techniques to treat patients in a completely professional environment. 

As we all know, PRP (also called the vampire facial) treatment is becoming very common nowadays for its effective results. It takes less time to recover from injuries than usual that is why PRP is also practiced in sports-related injuries.

In short, PRP takes your blood, draws out healing plasma concentration from it, and then injects back the plasma into the treating area to boost up the healing process. 

For instance, if you are getting treated for muscle injury, the surgeon will inject the plasma into multiple areas near the muscle. In some cases, our surgeons also use an ultrasound machine to check properly before injecting plasma to boost up the healing. 

Therefore, it is recommended to get yourself treated by expert dermatologists to avoid any complications. Moreover, if PRP is injected successfully, it can last longer but if injected by mere health practitioners you may not see the desired results.

PRP is very useful in many injuries. However, if you are facing any of the following then getting yourself examined and treated by our highly qualified surgeons is a MUST for you. 

Our surgeons recommend PRP when all common treatments have failed to give results. 

However, you can also get treated with PRP if you want to accelerate the healing process. It is normal for athletes with knee and shoulder injuries.

Common Disorders and diseases to Treat with PRP

  1. Osteoarthritis, a common form of arthritis that affects the hip, knee, or shoulder muscles 
  2. Alopecia, a condition when you face hair fall
  3. Wrinkles and circles on the face
  4. Muscle injuries
  5. Joint pains, mostly knee joint pain
  6. Torn tendons, fibrous collagen tissues that attach muscles to bones.

Preoperative Consultation Meeting with Clients

Mediface surgical centre  provides the best environment for clients that they deserve. Our expert surgeons do not only provide treatment but also provide you complete guidelines, listen to your concerns, and satisfy you with science-backed answers before they give you any options for treatment.

Our surgeons will take preoperative medical tests if required which include blood and sugar tests to decide the appropriate time for treatment.

They make sure the patients are physically and mentally prepared to get PRP treatment. Though it is not a painful procedure if patents require our surgeons give them time to get relaxed and feel fresh before the treatment is started.

It is recommended to inform our surgeons before if:

  1. you have allergic to any infection
  2. using a high dosage of Coumadin
  3. if you are suffering from many medical complications

How PRP is the Most Effective Non-Surgical Operation?

Made up of protein and water, plasma is the liquid part of our blood. Platelets are the cells that make blood cots in our bloodstream. 

Surgeons draw blood from your body and separate platelet-rich plasma from the blood. Thus the plasma is injected into the required area.

The following are the reasons that PRP has become a widely used procedure to treat injuries, torn muscles, and skin issues.

  • It provides natural rejuvenation to our skin with no artificial medications added
  • It slows down the aging factors
  • PRP reaches the injured tissues quickly and effectively such 
  • The procedure is natural as it uses your blood plasma
  • PRP returns the youthful facial features 
  • If injected professionally, its results are long-lasting
  • It is also safe and less costly for rosacea or acne
  • It stimulates the process of new tissue production and speeds up the removal of epidermal tissues from your skin
  • Medical studies have shown PRP as a safe therapy
  • It improves the tone and texture of the skin and brings back the facial complexion
  • PRP stimulates the process of collagen and increases the elastin production in our skin

PRP is becoming a popular face therapy. Mediface has received tremendous results and many good feedbacks from patients. 

Essential Information Before PRP Therapy From Mediface

  • If PRP is injected for joint pain, you will have to wait for 1- 2 days before returning to normal activities
  • If necessary to go out, you can wear a walking boot and resume a slight routine
  • PRP does not quickly remove the pain. It just accelerates the healing process. Though it will take less time than usual. But when PRP is successful it becomes everlasting with you.
  • It depends on your type of injury o return to fitness activities. The surgeon will advise you accordingly.
  • There are no serious side effects of PRP. It is considered safe but in rare cases, patients usually feel a mild infection.
  • Our surgeons pay you postoperative visits if required to ensure your health.
  • You should avoid anti-inflammatory before and right after the PRP therapy because the idea of PRP is to promote inflammatory to speed up the healing process in your body.

PRP Information

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