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Lip Filler

Complete Guide to Non-Surgical Lip Filler Operations in Antalya, Turkey

Everybody wants a dreamlike ideal look especially for their lips being the most important and sensitive part of the face. Sometimes, many people especially women have quite a low volume and thin lips thus also hiding the actual facial expressions with it. 

When you stand in front of the mirror, you wish your lips following the exact pattern as of your favorite movie stars and media personalities. Though you do not share your wish with others because it may seem odd, right?  

But a warm thanks to advanced research in medical professions and highly effective equipment that you do not need to go through hard surgeries of your lips to get your desired look.

Yes! This is where lip filler treatment steps in as the modern solution, a safe non-surgical operation to beautifying your lip features making you look pretty, attractive, and of course to satisfy self.

Non-Surgical Lip Filler Operations at Mediface, Antalya 

Lips are the most sensitive part of your body, they do not only craft your beauty but also enhance your confidence and keep you psychologically one step ahead in your career and lifestyle. Because the very first part of your facial features that get noticed are LIPS.

Our cosmetic surgeons at Mediface, Antalya are the finest facial plastic surgeons in Turkey. Our modern-tech surgery centers are equipped with digital and up-to-date machinery. We have certified boards of surgeons, professionally controlled environments, and of course, the multidisciplinary faculty that promises you an ideal lip volume and ensures you a perfect lip pout. Because it matters, doesn’t it?

Why Go for Lip Filler Non-Surgical Operation in Antalya?

Our experts are familiar with the importance of visual appearance and the hidden beautiful features behind low volume lips. They do not only perform their duty but provide a professional atmosphere thus building a mutual relationship to ease their tensions, anxiety, and stress that some may pass through before and during the procedure. 

You will have a proper medical consultation with our cosmetic surgery experts to remove your mental barriers. 

You will be provided with all the essential information such as:

  1. the expected time-span of the operation 
  2. how many specialist  will perform the procedure 
  3. what method will be used
  4. what precautions you need to take before and after the operation 
  5. finally, when will you be able to claim your dreamy facial expressions

A health specialist will also examine your complete medical check-up before the operation 

Our dermatologists use different lip filler injections usually varying according to multiple aspects of your lips and understanding its sensitivity. You will get many safe and easy to operate lip enhancement options.

For instance: Our certified board uses FDA approved Juvederm Volbella XC, Juvederm Ultra XC, lip collagen, and Restylane Silk lip fillers if the only requirement is to refine your lips, to give a pillowy effect, and for lip fullness.

However, surgeons will first examine your skin type, amount of volume your lips need and then make a final decision with proper consultation with you.

All the injections we use are added with natural particle gel composition which provides extra smoothness, slight plumper, and a natural look to your lips.

Who Should Go for Lip Filler Non-Surgical operation in Antalya

Some people lack confidence because they believe fading facial features go on with life thus spending their whole life restricting in their comfort zone not trying to figure out if they really can treat it.

If you are not the person that we talked about then Lip Filler treatment is definitely for you. It is fine if somehow by

  • minor accidents
  • or even by birth 

you have uneven, extremely thin, slightly larger lips, or a bad combination of upper and lower lips, it is not your deliberate mistake.

But knowing that you can treat them, increase the volume and shape them into your desired look, and still you do not opt for it, then you are self-explanatory for it.

Expectations are always there for normal people. A patient will have thousands if not millions of questions circling in his mind. 

At Mediface, you will get a professional environment. You will see the before and after result pictures of many patients to understand our surgeons’ broader experience. 

Even our surgeons advise you to have a complete file of your questions, concerns, and queries before you opt for any crucial decision.

Questions to Ask the Dermatologist in Antalya:

Before preparing yourself for the question list, do research. Yes, plenty of research to come out with the best decision for yourself.

This is the list of common questions that you MUST ask before you make a life-changing decision of your life.

  1. What could be the alternatives if somehow I do not want Lip filler injections?
  2. Will the fillers be permanent or temporary?
  3. What are the side-effects of this nonsurgical operation?
  4. How many successful operations has the surgeon performed before? (browse the internet with the name of hospital and surgeon to get an honest opinion, you would surely get one)
  5. Will my lip enhancement take place right after the procedure or how much time will it take to change?
  6. What is the duration of the procedure?
  7. What filler products the surgeons will use? (search them on the internet to get more information)
  8. How would I take care of my lips after the operation?

Prepare Yourself Mentally and Physically for Treatment

Here are some quick tips to make up your mind and prepare yourself for surgery in Antalya, Turkey.

  • Be realistic because you will not suddenly change into a movie star
  • Do not expect more because the dermatologist has to use the product according to the natural look of your lips
  • In your first procedure, endure a maximum of 1ml filler to have an idea of how much volume your lips require
  • Have at least a week off from work to get relaxed and free of any workload
  • Do not hide it from your loved ones and take them into confidence
  • Stop believing the unauthorized blogs if they say, lip filler hurts because they just don’t.
  • You won’t need a lot of safety precautions after your treatment and your natural look will appear normally in one or two days.

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