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DENTISTRY – Dental Treatment with Laminate Veneer

Everyone loves a smile. A beautiful, glossy, shiny smile is what you need to start your day. That’s where laminate veneer comes in handy. The laminate veneer + cementation treatment allows for a great-looking smile. 

The best part about this procedure is that it is minimally invasive. What it means is that patients can easily correct their smiles in only a few appointments. With the treatment, their smiles look aesthetic, well balanced, and natural.

Get Shiny White Teeth with Porcelain Veneers

Want to look beautiful and brighter every day? The Porcelain veneers offer an instant orthodontic answer to perfect smiles. They reshape misaligned teeth, improve the shape of the frontal teeth, and brighten the dull teeth. The result of Porcelain veneer treatment? You get a perfect “Hollywood smile.”

Veneer Treatment: What You Should Know

Veneers are thin and they stick to the front teeth naturally. They are around 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness, so they are hardly recognizable. The best part about having veneer treatment is that they give a life-like appearance to the user after dental treatment.

Although veneers' application is considered a form of cosmetic treatment, it makes the smile look a lot natural. In most cases, during veneer treatment, the tooth structure is not removed at all. The veneer is applied on top of the structure so that they look durable yet thin. Veneer treatment doesn’t use any chemical applications or paste, so the teeth appear natural once the treatment is done. No dark line appears at the end that is often the case with porcelain metal crown treatment. 

Moreover, veneers reflect more light and have a translucent appearance during bright light. The tooth structure is solidified through the plaster of cement which leaves the procedure almost stress-free for the patient. There is no “dark line” that may appear with porcelain fused to metal crowns; they transmit light better and have a more translucent appearance to them.

ceramic crown

Finding a Medical Center for Dentistry in Turkey: 

The world knows that the best country to visit for aesthetic surgeries is Turkey. Still the country is full of inexperience clinics that have uncertified surgeons. It is of utmost importance to look for a place that can make your dream of Hollywood smile comes true. Mediface medical clinic in Antalya, Turkey have decades of experience in Dental aesthetic surgeries. Patients from every corner of the planet is visiting us to realize their dream of white shining smile. Our team at Mediface center Antalya have years of experience and considered to be the best in all over turkey for achieving the maximum results from the dental aesthetic surgeries. smile design

Appointment for Veneer Treatment: What to Expect?

First Appointment:

Your appointments will be few but will take some time because we have a job to make you smile like a Hollywood star.

So, during your first appointment, we will take the precise impression of your teeth and then send it to our in-house lab because that’s where the magic takes place. We manufacture veneers in our own laboratory. All veneers are tailored to fit the impression of each front tooth of the patient. 

Once the veneers are prepared, they are brought back to the dental clinic. This will be your second appointment. In this appointment, we will plaster the veneer on your teeth and then cement it, aligning each pair of your teeth for a perfect smile. 

Finally, we will make the relevant adjustments, resize the teeth if needed so that you look gorgeous than ever.

That’s it. In two appointments, you have turned from a vampire to a damsel/ damoiseau.

dental implant

FAQs About Veneer Dental Treatment

Is it an invasive or painful treatment?
Not really. You will feel that something sticky is on your teeth but that too for a short while. Once the veneer is properly plastered, you won’t feel a thing. 

Since the veneers we use these days are thin film, so the tooth carving is minimal. It is a simple treatment, fast and without pain.


Do veneers require regular maintenance?

Brushing teeth every day at least two times is the best way to go about it. Other than that, Porcelain veneers don’t require any excessive treatment. Consider them a part of your natural teeth. Although they are not affected by cavities, they are still likely to get ruined if you don't take care of your teeth regularly. So, brush your teeth, use dental floss, and that’s it.

Are porcelain veneers vulnerable?
Like natural teeth, you can’t bite strong objects or objects that are too hard to digest. So, it is better if you avoid these objects for good. Even in porcelain veneer cementing, enamel can break due to the hard biting of the food. It can also break due to nail-biting or by tightening the teeth.

Deep cracks can even cause a fracture in the porcelain veneer cementing. Since they are a single unit. They can’t be repaired while staying on the teeth. They would need to be replaced.

Zirconia and Emax crowns for Your Teeth

Zirconia and Emax crowns are the latest trend in the dental and cosmetic industry. The reason they have become so famous in just a few years is that they give people HOPE.

Hope that people can bring back their perfect smile. That they can look good in pictures and while talking to other people. That they can make an impression that people won’t forget.

 Unlike Veneers, Zirconia is a resilient and white-colored material. It isn’t non-translucent, so light won’t pass through it. What it means is that the teeth and porcelain may not look natural. 

Emax on the other hand is all-ceramic crowns. It offers an aesthetic appeal and provides a much more natural look on front teeth, Emax crowns are glass-based materials so they are more prone to fractures under high pressure.

Preparing for Your Dental Appointment: Veneers and Zirconia & Emax Treatment

  1. First, we will take a photo of your teeth and then make a video of your entire jawline to analyze your smile. It would help us visualize possible dental smiles that we can bring to your face. 
  2. We will take an impression of your teeth for study models and the dental surgeon will then discuss with you what type of teeth size will look best on your front jaws. He/she will also highlight the plan and cater to your expectations.
  3. A mockup will be created that you will be able to see. It will be close to the outcome and it will show you how you will look like after getting the veneer treatment. You will be allowed to make changes to the mockups, depending on your preferences.

 Maintaining Dental Hygiene 

It is important that you properly maintain your oral hygiene for the wellbeing of your teeth. The dental implant can only stay in place if the bearer properly takes care of their oral hygiene. This means brushing teeth properly three times a day. Using dental floss as and when needed. Getting regular checkups with their dental surgeon for any cracks and fractures in the dental implants.

smiledesign gallery


smile 2

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smile 3

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smile 9 smile 10 smile 11 prices


Zinedent Implant (Straumann Group) £ 340
Medentika Implant (Straumann Group) £ 430
Straumann SLA Implant £ 570
Abutment £ 45
Bone Grafting (1 cc) £ 100
Membrane £ 120
Close Sinus Lifting £ 135
Open Sinus Lifting £ 270


Digital Smile Design £ 45
Metal Porcelain Crown £ 115
Zirconium Porcelain Crown £ 160
E.max® Crown / Laminate Veneer £ 200
Temporary Crowns £ FREE
Old Crowns or Veneers Removals £ FREE


4 Implants + Abutment £ 1600
Temporary Denture £ 360
All on Four Permanent Denture £ 1800
Total Price £ 3760


6 Implants+ Abutment £ 2450
Temporary Denture £ 360
12 Metal Porcelain Crowns £ 1350
Total Price £ 4160


Laser Teeth Whitening-Bleaching (Cleaning is included) £ 180
Teeth Whitening (Home Kit) £ 110
Teeth Cleaning £ 35
Deep Cleaning £ 70


Anterior Teeth (Central, Lateral, Canine Teeth) £ 70
Premolar Teeth £ 90
Molar Teeth £ 110


Sedation £ 270
Tooth Extraction £ 25
Surgical Tooth Extraction (Including Wisdom Tooth Extraction) £ 70
Denture (Per Jaw) £ 410
White Filling £ 45
Dental Post £ 60
Inlay-Onlay (Computer Aided design with E.max®) £ 180
Gum Shield (Night Guard) £ 60
Gum Contouring £ 180


Consultation and Check up £ FREE
Panoramic X-Ray £ FREE
Volumetric Tomography £ FREE
Airport Transport Service £ FREE
Transport Services in between hotel and clinic for every visit £ FREE
Temporary crowns £ FREE

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