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E.max Dental Crown

Emax tooth capping is an application technique called Empress porcelain. It is a treatment method applied especially for the aesthetic appearance of the front teeth. The treatment made with aesthetic concern is produced from a long-lasting ceramic applied to the front teeth. Discoloration in the front teeth, broken, cracked, yellow teeth create an undesired image by the patient. The visual defect in the front teeth disturbs the person. It creates a loss of self-confidence due to aesthetic concern.

Who Can Have Emax Dental Crowning Treatment?

In order to be able to apply Emax dental treatment, the physician must first examine and decide. The most important thing is that front teeth should be suitable for this treatment. It is basically a porcelain capping created by producing a special porcelain in the laboratory. In Emax dental crowning, metal is not used, so it is easily applied to patients who have metal allergies. It has a light transmitting and transparent structure. Therefore, it creates a very natural appearance in the front teeth. This also prevents the formation of stains and plaques. It is made using technological devices in a very short time. However, it does not harm the tooth.

Emax Dental Crowning Prices

The prices of Emax coating treatment, which is performed by covering the tooth with a sensitive porcelain, vary according to the dentist and the material to be used. Teeth that need to be treated are treated before Emax crowning and porcelain is coated after they become healthy again. Therefore, it is not possible to give a price on this subject. The treatment to be applied and which crowning will be applied is a decision to be made by discussing between the patient and the dentist.


Emax Crowning or Zirconia Fused Crowning?

Zirconia fused crowning and Emax dental crowning are different treatment methods. Dental permeability is semi-permeable in zirconium crown treatment. Zirconium Crown provides an extremely aesthetic appearance, but it does not have 100% permeability as much as laminated tooth capping. Therefore, Emax dental crowning provides a more natural appearance than zirconium in terms of aesthetics. Zirconium crowning contains metal, and if a crowning method called bridge will be used in the front teeth, then Zirconium treatment is preferred. However, if there is only a defect in the aesthetic appearance of the tooth, then Emax dental crowning is generally preferred. Zirconium chrome crowns are used for posterior incisors and molars rather than front teeth. Thus, a longer lasting dental treatment is provided. The condition of the teeth is determined by the dentist's decision which treatment will respond more positively. Because of the stronger connection in zirconium fused crowns and for treatment, whichever capping is appropriate should be preferred.

How long does an Emax Crown Last?

Emax dental treatment is a more sensitive treatment than other metal applications. However, if there is no bad habits such as chewing/breaking hard objects that damage teeth and teeth grinding or poor oral care, it is a long-lasting dental crowning method. Oral and dental care is extremely important in all other dental treatments, as well as oral and dental care in Emax coating. As long as care is taken, Emax crowning dental treatment is an aesthetic treatment that can be used for many years.

What Happens During Emax Dental Crown?

Emax dental treatment method is a method that is decided together with the dentist and the patient. However, teeth applied in Emax tooth crowning are generally healthy teeth that are damaged in terms of appearance. In Emax crowning there should not be tooth loss. In order to make Emax crowning, if there is a health problem in the teeth before the capping is applied in the Emax dental treatment, they are treated and the problems are eliminated. It is a treatment that takes place in a very short time using technological methods. So basically local anesthesia will be administered to the tooth and gum tissue around the tooth. The dentist will prepare the tooth shape, take the impression and place a temporary crown. Prepared tooth model will be sent to a dental laboratory. In the second visit, the dentist will cement the finished crown into place.

How much is Zirconia Fused Dental Crowning?

Zirconium fused dental crowning treatment is preferred in cases with tooth loss. It is usually applied to the posterior incisors and molars. Therefore, in terms of the material used, it is a longer treatment and performed under anesthesia. It is done by applying a more different method than Emax dental crowning. Zirconium fused dental crowning is more costly than Emax dental crowns. For this reason, it is difficult to give a specific price. Prices may vary depending on your dentist, treatment method and material used.

What is Laminated Veneer?

Laminated veneer, which is in the field of aesthetic dentistry, is a treatment applied to the front teeth. In case of darkening or fracture in the tooth that occurs after the color change in the front teeth or canal treatment, laminated veneer treatment is applied. Laminated veneer is a material that is capped on the tooth after millimeter abrasion without damaging the natural tooth. It is made of an extremely thin material. It is transparent and 100% permeable. Therefore, the image is aesthetic and natural.

What is Porcelain Dental Crowning?

Porcelain dental crowning is the aesthetic appearance that is given to the teeth after the dental treatment applied to the teeth. Porcelain crowning is used to provide an aesthetic appearance. Porcelain crowns are both a durable tooth capping application and a treatment that alleviates aesthetic concerns. Porcelain capping is treated by placing metal material in porcelain. It is a long lasting dental treatment. It can be applied to the front teeth as well as to the back incisors and morals. It is also a treatment method used in tooth deficiencies.

What is Empress Dental Crowns?

Empress dental crowning is a capping application that has entered the field of dental treatment with technological developments in recent years. Empress dental capping is obtained by compressing the crystalline ceramic without using any metal. Empress is made by processing dental porcelain produced in special ovens and increasing its durability. It consists entirely of ceramic material and can be coated on all teeth.

What is Prosthetic Dental Treatment?

Dental prosthesis treatment is a treatment applied in cases of tooth deficiencies. It is applied as a whole dental prosthesis. Generally, it is not fixed but removable. Prosthetic teeth can be made by applying implant treatment or can only be inserted and removed, and can be placed in the jawbone. With the development of technology in recent years, the previously used total prostheses have now been replaced by implant prostheses.

The prosthetic tooth base is a treatment made from acrylic, successfully imitating the natural gingiva appearance. It can be applied to the upper and lower jaws in the mouth. The prostheses attached to the top cover the whole, while the prostheses made to the lower part are made in a way that the tongue moves easily. It provides ease of use easily. When used with adhesives, it stabilizes the prosthesis and prevents food residues from entering the prosthesis.




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