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A Complete Guide to Filler Treatment in Antalya, Turkey

Rapid advancement in medical science has opened many ways to meet the needs of our daily skincare and glowy complexion of the skin.

With time passing, our facial features begin losing the youthful appearance and we face a lot of wrinkling issues that deeply make us upset, psychologically unwell, and of course we lose our confidence in public dealing - our social life gets disturbed.

It becomes costly to get appointments from renowned makeup artists and get an ideal look by hiding those aging effects under makeup. 

Today, there are many modern solutions that we do not need to go for hard surgeries to get rid of aging effects from our eyes, wrinkles around your mouth  and low volume under the eyelid and lips.

Filler Therapy for All Facial Features and Aging Effects

Filler treatment has been doing wonders for people especially those who are public figures, belong to media sectors. Even in this global age of social media - Instagram and Snapchat everyone wishes to get appreciated for their ideal beauty and youthful appearance.

Filler therapy is an effective non-surgical therapy that deals with our facial issues and brings back our lost appearance. Filler treatment can treat the following skin disorders and low volume issues within the sensitive parts of our body.

  • Low volume of eyes
  • face pigmentation (wrinkles and aging effects)
  • By birth low volume of one or both lips
  • Pale look before old age
  • Tired and reckless eyes
  • Low fat under the eyelid

If you go through any aforementioned skin-related disorders then filler therapy is best suited for you.

Why Should Go for Filler therapy in Antalya, Turkey?

Antalya is a rich city of Turkey in terms of medical advancement, rapid science growth, and ultra-tech medical equipment. The city’s popularity also lies in its effective treatments of sensitive skin, be it the surgical or non-surgical filer treatments, the city has its going progress. 

Mediface is a modern and high-tech hospital in the heart of Antalya. We have the certified board of surgeons who are skillful and trained to treat sensitive skin, fully understand the facial anatomy, and have brought back the lost confidence in many patients by successfully providing filler therapy.

Our facial treatment procedure is one of the finest in Antalya. We have digital and up-to-date medical equipment and surgical tools. 

Filler treatment  is complex and needs highly professional hands to instill filler injections into the desired part of the muscle. There are many small vessels near our facial features which if injected near to, can do harm to the skin and create many complications. It requires patience, careful attention, and years of experience to determine the exact suffering area and injecting successfully.

There are many seasonal aestheticians and jacks of aesthetic fields treating people with skin disorders and other issues without understanding the know-how of medical relation to facial features.

Therefore, it is suggested to get yourself examined by the authentic dermatologists and certified surgeon to avoid any future complications.

Preoperative Consultations with Our Surgeons

Mediface does not only resolve your facial issues but also provides you professional environment. You can get an appointment with our expert facial plastic surgeons to discuss your concerns and fears before going through any treatment.

You need to share your medical history with surgeons. After carefully observing your skin type and your facial expressions and going through your medical history the surgeon will advise you about the type of treatment your body should have and if it needs non-surgical treatment at all.

Types of Fillers Treatments for various Skin Disorders

Every skin-related disorder requires a specific type of filler to complete effective non-surgical therapy. Our surgeons also recommend going through only FDA approved branded fillers and you need to check the license of the surgeon because only licensed surgeons are officially approved to use the FDA fillers. 

Here some of the filler treatments that cure the specific part of our body and other facial features.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers:

These fillers consist of hyaluronic acid which is produced in our body. These fillers are usually used to treat under-eye hollows, dark circles, and low volume. They all help to boost up the collagen production in our body. These injections come with their brand names Restylane and Juvederm.

These filers can rejuvenate our dying eyes, return the forever glow, and increase the volume to a certain amount.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA):

FDA approved Calcium hydroxylapatite is another substance that naturally occurs in our bones. This substance is mixed with gel and has thicker results than HA fillers. These fillers last longer than other fillers till 9 months to one year.

It treats deeper lines near our cheeks and nose and also increases the production of collagen in our body. These fillers can give pillowy effects, increase the volume of your lips, and bring back the natural tone of the skin.

Essential Benefits of Filler Treatment

Filler treatment has been proved highly effective for all types of skins. Here are some of the core benefits you can expect after a filler therapy:

  • The best benefit is they provide immediate results
  • fillers are painless and last longer results
  • Act as plumper
  • Increase essential fats and collagen in your skin
  • Bring back the complexion and fair glow
  • It will treat fine lines
  • Your wrinkles will disappear
  • Give life to your eyes
  • Will reduce the aging effects from your eyes
  • Increase the volume of your lips and under-eyes
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Dehydrates cells and tissues
  •  You get your lost confidence 
  • An attractive youthful appearance

Facilities and Other Essential Terms by the Hospital

  • The hospital provides you comfortable transport from the hotel/airport to our skincare center
  • You will receive medications during your stay at the hospital
  • If required, the surgeon will perform necessary preoperative tests including blood and sugar test
  • The surgeon will pay you postoperative visits to ensure your health
  • You are asked to pay  total dues before the treatment and the rest of the fee after the treatment is over

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