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Prosthetic Hair Or Hair Transplantation: Which One Is Better

Hair loss, which is an important part of our appearance and is extremely important for women and men of all ages, is the last desired condition. However, due to many different reasons, hair loss may occur and even balding may begin. Balding may occur on a certain area and it may also occur with the loss of all hair. But fortunately all these situations have a solution. It even has more than one solution. We will now examine and compare two of the most popular ones. Thus, you can eliminate the question marks in your mind. Two alternatives come to the fore in this decision phase, where those who experience hair loss and those who seek a solution. The concept of prosthetic hair and hair transplantation are among the most preferred, but hair transplantation is a little more prominent. Because the results obtained are much more natural and permanent. In this article, let’s start with the questions of what these are and are not, and will also discuss what is prosthetic hair, how is it applied, what is hair transplantation and in general, we will evaluate these two possibilities that attract the most attention and are often compared.

What is Prosthetic Hair?

Prosthetic hair is an opportunity offered by experts. First of all, a measurement is made and the prosthesis measurements are taken by evaluating the person’s hair problem. Then, a hair prosthesis developed from 100% human hair tissue is prepared. This prepared hair prosthesis is fixed in its new place by means of special adhesives. Hairless areas or areas with sparse hair are suitable areas for prosthetic hair application. Although no medical operation is required, it is used just like a dental prosthesis or lens, and does not cause any problems. However, you know that you have a hair prosthesis on your head. This is not your own hair. Therefore, although it is the choice of some people, prosthetic hair is not a suitable alternative for those who desire their own natural hair.

If we talk about who can and cannot be applied with prosthetic hair, it can be applied to everyone regardless of the reason of hair loss, young, old, male or female. Only children and people with disabilities who will not be able to take a good care of these hair can be excluded from the application of prosthetic hair. Apart from this, anyone who wants can easily have prosthetic hair. On the other hand, let’s remind you that the prosthetic hair is a prosthesis added to your body. Therefore, its naturalness should be evaluated accordingly. It would be more correct to think of it as an accessory specially designed for you. For this reason, it is not very accurate to compare it with the hair transplant procedure. The two come across as quite different applications.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting real hair and even one’s own hair to the balding area. Actually, it is that easy to describe it with a single sentence. That’s why hair transplantation is a natural practice. There is no question of any prosthesis or anything taken from the outside. As many hair follicles as possible are taken from the hairy area and hair transplantation is performed at the points where the loss occurs. If this is not possible, hair follicles can be transplanted from different parts of the body. Along with the fact that all these are technical details, hair transplantation is the most preferred because of the transplantation of natural and real hair in general. Although it is considered as a surgical operation, it is a highly preferred application that has minimum risks and does not even carry any risk actually. It is performed easily and the best results are achieved with confidence in expert hands. You will have to wait for a while to regain your own hair, which is an extremely natural process. Because you will get real, natural hair. You can’t expect your hair to grow out of nowhere, can you? You need a period of time for this.

We know how curious the details of the hair transplant operation are. Especially those who are torn between prosthetic hair and natural hair transplantation may have concerns about the operation. The process can be briefly described as follows; first, hair roots are taken from the nape or behind the ear. These areas are especially preferred because these are two of the most resistant parts of our body against hair loss. Then, the hair follicles taken are subjected to oxygen treatment and strengthened according to the preference. After that, the transplantation phase is started in accordance with the forehead line and other lines drawn. In this process, you do not feel any pain or discomfort. After the hair transplant is completed, you can return to your normal life with a rapid recovery process. Hair transplantation is performed basically in this order and does not contain any application to be feared.

The fact that hair transplantation gives natural results is the most important reason for preference. Of course, since you will have your own hair, you can use it comfortably and live a normal life. However, there are many details that you should pay attention to in the application of prosthetic hair. In short, it is necessary to be careful during the use phase. Even if the hair transplant process does not give results as fast as a prosthesis, it builds better results for the rest of your life and brings you back to your old hair. Undoubtedly, this is its most important advantage and for this very reason it manages to be the most preferred. Those who will prefer hair transplantation are recommended to apply to a good center as a first thing and get information by consulting with specialists. Then, you can plan the process in the light of the recommendations and return to your normal life by having a hair transplant as soon as possible. We know what kind of problems hair loss and baldness can cause in social life, business life and private relationships. However, thanks to the hair transplant process, you can leave all these behind and solve your problems easily. Hair transplantation literally means real hair. Actually, this is the most correct answer to be given to those who ask whether it is prosthetic hair or natural hair transplantation. This comparison exactly reveals the differences between the two applications and answers those who are curious. To have a hair transplant, take action now to have natural hair. This process will be easier than you think.

As Mediface Medical Center, we work with very experienced hair specialists and perform sapphire technique, which makes us the only clinic in Antalya, Turkey that practices this method.

For a hair transplant consultation, please leave your contact details in the form below. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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