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Guide to Mid Face Lift Surgery Antalya, Turkey

With age, skin gets saggy. People don’t look as attractive as they were before and they often lose self-esteem. Celebrities, news anchors, and other media personalities whose professions are directly associated with their appearance can take a big hit because of the deterioration of the skin. That’s where the mid-facelift surgery helps them.

The mid-facelift, also known as the cheek lift surgery, addresses sagging of the cheeks and it's the surrounding area. The traditional bichectomy fat removal surgery doesn’t lift the cheeks, especially the area under the eyes and surrounding the nose as it has a different purpose. This area is most evident to anyone who is talking to you or directly looking at you. In short, the mid-face area is quite noticeable to the others.

That’s why getting a mid-facelift is the only option available for people whose cheeks are sagging to make themselves attractive again. 

Getting midface lift surgery is pretty easy. You have to book an appointment with a certified specialist and they can guide you about the further procedure after assessing your condition. To get in touch with a certified mid-facelift surgeon, visit Mediface Antalya, Turkey.

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Ideal Candidate for Mid Face Lift Treatment in Antalya, Turkey

The ideal candidate for mid facelift treatment is any person who has deep hollows beneath their eyes or has eye bags that are just not going away. They may also have deep lines, sagging cheeks, and excess fat that they want to remove from their face. Since mid-facelift is not just the removal of extra fat but the improvement of overall face, it includes multiple procedures. 

What To Know Before Mid Face Lift Procedure?

The mid-facelift procedure is a cosmetic surgery that can enhance your facial appearance. Our specialists will assess your condition, perform relevant tests on your body to find out if you have any complications that can become a risk for the surgery. 

After that, pictures of your face will be taken to understand what parts need to be removed and where the skin needs to be lifted. Usually sagging jawlines require incisions that trim the excess fat. The excess skin is removed and the soft tissues are lifted around the cheeks and lower eye area and then anchored to the bone or fascia. These procedures treat different areas to provide more complete total facial renovation.

Is Mid Face Lift Treatment Permanent? 

The results of the midface lift treatment can last for years but there is no guarantee that they will stay permanently. With time more skin will start to sag in future.

The mid-facelift treatment's long-lasting impact can vary for people depending on their genetics, skin type, and other physical factors.

Who Should Get Mid Lift Face Surgery?

  • People who have aged and want to rejuvenate their skin
  • Celebrities and people belonging directly to the showbiz industry whose careers depend on their looks
  • Spouses that want to bring back their charisma
  • People who feel low on confidence because of sagging skin around their face
  • People who have excess tissue around their eyes and it causes problem with the eyesight

What to ask your surgeon before Mid Lift Surgery?

You should make a list of questions that you would want to ask the mid lift surgeon during your first appointment. A few questions that you definitely should ask include:

  1. Do I really need the mid lift face surgery? Is there another alternative available such as medicinal treatment or injections instead of surgery?

There are injections available that can also help lift the cheeks up or remove extra fat. The surgeon can recommend them depending on your skin condition. 

  1. What should I expect from the surgery? Will it make me more aesthetically appealing? Will it remove dark circles and eye bags around my eyes? 
  2. Will it be permanent? For how many years will the cheek remain in this position post-surgery? 
  3. Are there any complications and side effects of the midface lift procedure that I should know about? 
  4. What medicines do I need after the surgery is complete and for how many days do I need to take them?
  5. For how many days do I need to stay in Antalya after the Midface lift surgery is complete?

Mid Face Lift Surgery Duration & Procedure

The duration of the mid face lift surgery is around 1 hour with sedation and local or general anaesthesia. The procedure is simple. Surgeons will make incisions either inside the mouth or around the eyelid to separate the soft tissue from the cheekbones and lift them. 

Getting Mid Face Lift Surgery In Antalya, Turkey

To get treatment for midface lift surgery at Midface Antalya, make sure to book an appointment and visit our certified surgeons. The procedure varies for each patient on a case by case basis. Our surgeons will be able to better recommend the right type of mid face lift surgery for uplifting your skin and improving your aesthetic appeal.

If you don’t live in Antalya, we can also arrange transport and accommodation. Our hospital staff can also pick you from the airport and bring you to the hospital. After the procedure, you can either plan to stay at the hospital or at a local hotel that would be booked for your stay for a week. 

Hospital stay is not necessary because the surgery takes only an hour. You will be spending only two to three hours at the hospital and after that, you can get back to your hotel where you can stay for a week to assess if there are any complications because of the surgery. You will have to visit our surgeon once post-surgery after a week where the surgeon will re-evaluate your condition post-surgery and will prescribe any medicine if required. After your post-surgery visit, you will not be required to visit Mediface again and you can leave for your city. In case you need any further help, you can directly contact the surgeons anytime. 


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