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Complete Guide to Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) in Antalya, Turkey

The ear as our hearing organ is of great importance in terms of sustaining our existence, ensuring quality of life, organizing business life and social relations. In addition to the functional importance of the ear, it also has an aesthetic value in terms of facial aesthetics, which provides compatibility with other organs in the face. Ear aesthetics may be impaired due to congenital or subsequent causes, and may cause both physical and psychological problems. The Otoplasty surgery also called the Ear surgery can help correct these defects. 

The ear surgery is used to correct ear structure, shape and position. It brings it in proportion to the other facial features so that the ear doesn’t look out of place. 

People who have a birth defect or get an ear defect because of some accident, they can go for ear surgery. The surgery will improve the shape of the ear by correcting the proportion of the layers of skin on the ear. Since everyone wants to remove defects and deformities from their life, they can be easily corrected through otoplasty. This creates a natural shape that balances the ear and brings it to proportion.

Since the procedure is complex and involves changing the shape of your ears, it is required that you get the surgery done from the very best cosmetic surgeons. 

At Mediface, we have certified cosmetic surgeons with decades of experience. They have performed ear correction surgeries multiple times and they are exceptional at doing it. 

If you are looking for an ear surgery, then getting it done from these cosmetic surgeons would be the right choice. 


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When to go for Ear Surgery treatment?

Ear surgery is the right decision for people who have certain ear deformities or if their ears have become disfigured due to a mishap. The ear surgery treatment will cover:

  1. Overly large ears. This is a condition called macrotia. People whose ears look bigger than they actually are supposed to be, they should go for Macrotia ear surgical treatment. 
  2. If you have ear protruding from one or both sides of varying degrees then they can be corrected through surgery as well.
  3. Dissatisfaction with your current looks or the way your ears come in the way. This can also be corrected through an ear surgery.

Ideal candidate for ear surgery in Antalya, Turkey

People who have any of the above mentioned abnormalities can become an ideal candidate for the ear surgery in Antalya, Turkey provided that they don’t have any of the following problems.

  1. They don’t have any chronic conditions that can become an obstacle in the surgery. Our cosmetic surgeons will evaluate their condition through their previous medical history. They will also conduct tests to make sure that the candidate is suitable for the surgery.
  2. If it is a child that has to go through an ear surgery, it is recommended that the child is older than 5 years old and has a stable cartilage in his/her ear for ear correction
  3. The person should be mentally stable and should cooperate with the procedure. The surgery is performed with general anesthesia only.
  4. The candidate will be interviewed by the surgeon to make sure that he/she doesn’t resist the surgery and is mentally ready for going through the complete process.
  5. Also, the individual looking for the ear surgery should have a positive outlook on life. They need to have a valid reason for the surgery. 
  6. It is better that the person is a non-smoker. The ear surgery would require that the person doesn’t smoke for at least a month during the post-recovery from the ear surgery.

For more information about the ear surgery, get in touch with our cosmetic surgeons.

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Why you should go for Ear Surgery in Antalya?

Antalya is one of the best cities in terms of medical technology in Turkey. So if you are going for an ear enhancement surgery then you should get it done from a reputed institution. That is where Mediface comes in. With its certified cosmetic surgeons, they are one of the best ear surgery clinics in Turkey. 

Who Should Go for Ear Enhancement Surgery in Antalya?

Anyone who is clear about their goals after the surgery is complete can go for the ear enhancement surgery. The surgery is not the only way to improve your ears. If the deformation is small, it can be fixed through makeup. However, if you are looking for Otoplasty and there is no other option available, then get it done from the best physicians out there.

Book an appointment with our certified cosmetic surgeons and find out more about the ear enhancement surgery.

Questions to Ask Your Otoplasty Surgeon 

A few questions that you should ask your Otoplasty surgeon are:

  • What is the duration of the whole process of the otoplasty
  • What are the complications that can occur during the process
  • Will I have to sign any official documents before the procedure? If so, why are they required?
  • What medications are not allowed? If I am taking medicines, will I be able to go for the Ear surgery?

Ear Surgery Antalya: Timeline & Program

  • It can take around a week for the whole Ear surgery. The process itself takes only a day. However, you will have to visit the hospital once again post-surgery to make sure that your ear deformity has completely vanished.
  • The hospital will provide transfer between airport/hotel and the hospital at arrival & departure
  • You will have to pay for the hospital & surgery costs related to surgery pre-surgery.
  • Pre-operative tests including blood, sugar, and any other that is necessary for performing the fat transfer and facial reconstruction
  • The hospital will provide all medications during the hospital stay
  • Post-operative visits by doctors to ensure your health
  • You can book an appointment for ear reconstruction surgery with Mediface today.

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