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Breast Lift

Breast Lift – Surgery For Perfect Breasts

A simple trick to learn either you need a breast lift or not is to put a pencil under your breast, if it stays there, you must start thinking about getting your breasts in shape they should be. In order to restore the perkier, firmer and aesthetically pleasing shape of your breast the cosmetic surgery of breasts is the best choice. 

Mastopexy is the medical term for breast lift, performed by plastic or cosmetic surgeon; it is the surgical procedure to change the shape of your breasts. The process is simple in which the excessive skin is removed, and the tissues of the breasts are reshaped in order to lift the breasts. 

If you have a case of breasts sagging or the nipples are pointing downward then you might choose for breasts lift. Once you have a breast lift it will improve your self-image and boost your self-confidence. 

A cosmetic surgeon can improve the way your breasts look and give it a more youthful contour by lifting the nipple and areola into a moving forward position. To create a natural looking breast and to give an overall better proportioned, a breast lift surgery can also reduce the stretched and large areolae. 

It is important to understand that the breast lift surgery isn’t going to make a significant impact on the size of your breasts. This procedure is just about raising the breasts and nipples. However, many of the females chooses breast augmentation and breast reduction along with breast lift. 

Common Reason women choose breast lift surgery: 

The age is the significant factor, as the time passes the shape of your breast changes resulting in infirmity and rigidity. 

Improve Breast ContourThe volume of the breast reduces when your body faces weight loss. Yet, breast lift surgery will give you the perfect proportion, healthy looking breast shape by taking out the excessive skin from the boobs or area under your breasts. 

Perky Breast shape – The ligaments in the breast gets sag or stretched with time due to gravity. There is an increasing number of patients in their teen age who complain about breast dropping. Breast lift surgery will allow you to get the always wanted breast profile and once it’s done you will enjoy the perky and beautiful breast for the first time. 

Restoring Shape – The pregnancy and breastfeeding change the shape of your breast it looks before. As your breast get heavier and fuller the breast supporting ligaments stretched and resulting in sagging of the breasts – even if you are not breastfeeding. For acquiring the desired breast shape or revive the beautiful appearance of the breasts, surgery for breast lift can help. 

Breast lift can be done on any size of the breast; however, the smaller breasts has the greater possiblity of long-lasting results other than the heavy breasts. 

Breast lift is not for you. If… 

  • You are thinking to have a baby in near future, because the skin of the breasts will stretch during pregnancy and you will again face the sagginess of your breast. 
  • You are going to feed your child. There are cases in which the women find it difficult to produce milk after the breast lift surgery – because the underlying breast tissues aren’t separated from the nipples. 
  • You have any medical conditions 

Ask Yourself: 

It is better to ask yourself few questions so that you can take a staunch decision for your breast lifting surgery. 

  • Wearing a bra my breast size and shape looks good? The breast lift didn’t have impact on breast size, but it significantly changes the shape of breasts. If you are looking for a round, fuller and attractive breasts while wearing a bra consider the surgery for lifting the breast along with breast augmentation surgery. 
  • Are my nipples are pointing in downward direction? Once the breast got heavy and they started to stretch the skin of the breast in downward direction it also effects the nipples. 
  • My breasts are asymmetrical and have unusual shape? The breast lift surgery is concentrated on changing the uneven shape of your breast, this operation has positive influence on the symmetry of your breasts. 

Types of Breast Lift: 

There are many incision techniques used by surgeons depending upon the patient’s current breast situation and the targeted results from the operation. 

Crescent Lift – In this process a very small incision is carried out around the top half of the edge of areola. This type is done mostly with breast augmentation or patients with very minimal sagging. This type incision is done very infrequently. 

Donut or Peri-Areolar – The surgeon starts the operation with a circular incision round around the edge of the breast. Useful for females with mild sagging and often done with breast augmentation. This process also helps to reduce the size of areola. 

Lollipop or Vertical Lift – This is the most used incision method because of the less visibility of scars after the operation. The surgeon proceeds with the first incision around the edge of the breast and move forward with the second at the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold. This vertical incision creates a lollipop shape. 

Anchor Lift or Inverted T – Three incision process in which the surgeon removes the significant amount of the skin. It is not normal because of the visibility of the scars but often used on the females who are facing extreme sagging. This type of breast lift surgery often carried out with breast reduction surgery. 

Choosing Your Surgeon: 

When you are looking for a surgeon that can make your dream come true always look for the most experienced cosmetic surgeon. As most of the insurance policies didn’t cover the expenses for the cosmetic surgery the other important point to be consider while choosing the surgeon is price. 

We have a recommendation for you. Breast lift in Turkey is the best solution for your new attractive look. The country has some of the best experienced surgeon with International certifications along with prices that is less then half that you are going to find in USA or Europe. 

It is better to take a one-week holiday and fly to the Turkey for breast lift in Antalya (city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey). 


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