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Eyelid Aesthetics


Eyes are window to the Soul. They are the significant part of every face and a vital feature in overall appearance. It is rightly said that eyes are the manifestation of beauty because the first observation in an individual’s personality starts from the eyes. Apart from that; Eyes, Eyebrows and the skin around the eye plays an important role in constructing gestures that is useful for a meaningful conversation or expression of the feelings. 

Eyelid Aesthetics

To look better and attractive is a human nature. We spend a lot of money and hefty amount of time for an alluring glance. Most of this effort is concentrated to the eyes and its related parts that are eyelids, skin around the eye and eyebrow. We want this area of the face to always looks refreshing and beautiful to others. 

We can beautify the eyes with different cosmetics items and make up but unfortunately, we humans don’t have anything to stop the aging process. With the passage of time the aging around the eyelids become visible, normally in the 30’s and 40’s. The urge to look young and refresh starts to develop at this age. 

A fresh appearance is visible with the eyes and if they don’t look fresh, they become the source of exhibiting the old age. All this simply means that if you want to look young and smaller than your age the solution for this is to consider eyelid aesthetic surgery. 

The procedure or surgery through which the aging appearance is minimized by working on eyelids and surrounding areas is known as Eyelid Aesthetics. 

Eyelid Aesthetics Surgery 

There are some eye related problems which occurs due to the maturity in age or because of carrying the genetics from your family. The problem includes saggy and dropping eyelids, below the eyes droopy skin and excess skin on the upper eyelids. To overcome these complications the doctors have recommend eyelids aesthetic surgery. This Eyelid surgery gets popular in the last decade due to its effectiveness and almost no risk. 

Eyelid surgery which is technically known as blepharoplasty and brow lift procedures, both fall under the category of facial rejuvenation procedures. Most of the times these two; Eyelid surgery and brow lift procedure, are recommended to the individuals who are looking to get a fresh appearance. 

As a regular idea for the Eyelid surgery is purely cosmetic but in real it is not limited for change in mid face structure. Sometimes the problematic sagging skin on the upper eyelid can deter the capability to see with full potential. In this scenario the eyelid surgery becomes medically imperative. 

Types of Eyelid Surgeries

The Eyelid surgeries are categorized by the place or the part where the procedure is performed;

If the problem is solved by processing the upper lid of the eye the surgery is known as upper blepharoplasty 

The area underneath the eyes is the focal point for this type of surgery. This process is referred as lower transcutaneous blepharoplasty. In this eyelid procedure a cut is made beneath the lower lashes resulting in a visible scar. 

The lower transconjunctival blepharoplasty is same as transcutaneous blepharoplasty but the only difference is that the incision is done from inside the eyelid that leaves no external scarring. 

The process in which the skin above the eyebrow is lifted in upward direction to raise the eyebrow is termed as browlift. The medical terms for browlift is browplasty or forehead lift. The procedure involves a cut at the top of the forehead, slightly below the hairline as to hide the scar that was created with incision. In this type of eyelid surgery, the surgeon will minimize the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. 

The conventional type of eyelid aesthetic surgery involves lower and upper blepharoplasty that is also used for removing medical conditions. However, the popular and the best procedure is to combine all these three processes for a substantial result. The pleasing appearance is created by this procedure where the skin is tightened above and below the eye with the rise in the position of the eye for a bigger eye structure. 

Consult your surgeon to understand your case and what type of the eyelid aesthetic surgery fits you best as per your desired goal. 

Who should think about Eyelid Surgery? 

It is suitable for all the people who looks tired and fatigued because of their eyes. People who face difficulty in keeping their eyes open. Individual who are experiencing eyebrow aching due to the increased effort they put to open their eyes. Also, who have problems in reading.  The reason behind these conditions is heavy lids, hooding of the lids or hanging upper lids.  These heavy lids also cause problem in vision, and the medical name for this problem in which eyelid muscle functioning poorly is ptosis. 

People with eyelid cancer which is diagnosed at early stage. 

If someone has a condition in which his eyelids roll inward toward the eye should consider Eyelid surgery. 

Individuals who have excess wrinkle and crepey skin because of the old age and wish to have a fresh young look should consider Eyelid cosmetic surgery. The surgery will remove excess and unwanted skin which ultimately hides the old age. 

Eyelid Aesthetic Turkey: 

In recent years Turkey became popular for hosting thousands of patients that undergo different aesthetic surgeries. The country is famous for its experienced surgeons and fully equipped high quality medical facilities. 

The price for carrying out an eyelid aesthetic operation is too much low if we compare the prices with other countries such as UK, USA and other European countries. With medical facilities present in many big cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir or Ankara the best place to look for a medical clinic is Antalya. Eyelid Aesthetic Antalya is recommended for following reasons; experienced surgeons and beautiful city that you can visit during your recovery time. 

Only healthy people with the age between 30-60 years of age should think about this surgery as it won’t be suitable for teenagers or people with prior medical history. Consult the medical clinic for pre-evaluation. 

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