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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Operation

Complete Guide for Nose Surgery

As of 2020, the Earth has a total population of 7.8 billion people. Interestingly everyone looks different. Do you know what makes every individual different from others? Face Structure. The structure of a face has so many parts that start with eyes and goes on with nose, ears, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, and many more....

Among all these parts the most important feature in the face structure in the eyes. It usually tops the list when we put up the characteristics that make the definition of beauty. However, nobody can’t deny or ignore the fact, that a person can only be attractive when the nose fits the overall structure of the face. If it didn’t fit the face and became the obstacle for a glorifying beauty the only and best solution in this modern era is to carry out a Nose Aesthetic surgery.

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    Hadi Nural is long known for his work on the topic of Aesthetic nose surgery. Among the top-notch plastic surgeons of modern time, he is referred to as “A surgeon far ahead of his time who chose to think out of the box”. His command on Crooked nose treatment is acknowledged by surgeons all over the world. The article published in the European Journal of Plastic surgery and was presented at the annual meeting of the European Facial Plastic Surgery 2019 in Amsterdam, with the topic “Esthetic and functional result of crooked nose treatment; internal microperforating osteotomy and subtotal septal reconstruction” earned him the respect around the globe...

    A surgeon, par excellence set out to give respectability to Aesthetic surgery. By his words and deeds proved beyond doubt that only the very best in the field of reconstructive surgery, can visualize the hidden perfection in imperfection and formulate a treatment plan and a surgical strategy to achieve that elusive perfection. Developing his passion for medical science at a very young age he completed his medical degree from Turkey’s best institute “Istanbul University of medical science in 1989”. In the same year, he completed his internship at Istanbul Haseki Training and Research Hospital. The journey of MD. Hadi Nural in aesthetic surgery is long. While practicing in different countries along with the best surgeon of his time he developed skills that are of no match among the surgeons in Turkey. He traveled in Europe and the USA to attend the seminars, conferences to keep himself update for the new surgical procedures and tools while sharing the knowledge he acquired during his carrier. He is also a member of the European Academy of Plastic surgery. A leading ENT surgeon with a specialization in rhinoplasty Dr. Hadi Nural has performed thousands of surgical procedures to date. In 1997 he started running his clinic with his colleague Dr. Erkan Dodanli in Antalya. His clinic with the name of Mediface, has welcomed patients from every continent on the globe.

    Nose Aesthetic Surgery: 

    To enhance and improve the way you look, the only and leading solution is surgery and this process is known as plastic, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. The aesthetic surgery for the nose is referred to as nasal reconstruction or technically known as rhinoplasty...

    All these surgeries involved the movement or trimming the bones and cartilage of the nose. The nose surgery can be done for medical reasons, for example, to cure the breathing problems that are occurring because of the nose or to align the disfigurement in the nose that happened because of an accident or present from the birth.

    Nose surgery is not NEW:

    To change the structure of a nose is not a new norm. It was practiced for centuries and to stress this notion you should know that the first surgery was carried out in 1460 by a surgeon named Antonio Branca. From that year till today the modern medical world has improved a lot by carrying out detailed researches on the topic...

    The knowledge in cosmetic surgery was increased drastically by learning from all the methods and procedures that were involved in carrying out for the surgery of a nose.

    Should I go for a Nose Surgery? 

    If you are feeling that your nose is not in a shape with your face structure and changing it will allow you to be more confident about yourself then don’t wait and consult the surgeon right now. The confidence of a person energizes if he/she start believing that I am looking exactly what I wished for. This immense satisfaction of your own looks empowers self-confidence which is related to all the positive features one should have...

    You should not give a second thought if you are facing a breathing problem because of an inborn defect in your nose or the reason for it is an unlucky accident. Your health should be your first concern and the difficulty in breathing should be solved out with the surgery for nose; firstly it is not as expensive and painful as it was a few decades back and secondly, the procedures in modern medical science have guaranteed results.
    If your answer is YES and now you are ready to consider the surgery for your nose... Continue reading this article to know what to do next and what to expect.

    Contact the Surgeon: 

    The very next thing after you have decided to undertake a nose surgery is to discuss your case with a surgeon...

    Set up an appointment with a surgeon and prepare yourself to tell in detail about the problems you are facing, how do you want to change your nose or what bothers you about your nose. Don’t forget that there is no such thing as perfection. The surgery will enhance the way your nose looks and the features that are related. Moreover, the surgeon will also describe the facial features that can be suited to your overall appearance. Your expectations for your desired shape of the nose are realistic or not can only be told by the surgeon after he/she evaluates the nose and other facial features. The surgeon will also ask about your overall health and will inform you if there is any risk involved, time for recovery, and how much money it will cost for the overall procedure.

    Where to find the best Cost & Quality? 

    It is difficult to find a perfect combination of high-quality service at reasonable prices. First, you must check with your health insurance company about this treatment, either it is covered in your medical coverage or not...

    However, just for your information almost every health insurance provider didn’t offer any compensation for the medical procedures that are done for cosmetic purposes. The search for the best place to carry out your surgery for the improved nose will end if you are considering Turkey. The country is famous for the best plastic surgeons who have exceeded the client’s expectations in recent years. The cost is less than half if we compare the nose surgery in Turkey with nose surgery in the UK, European countries, or nose surgery in America. This cost also includes accommodation, personal assistance, and pick and drop from Airport which makes it a super reasonable price.
    The doctors in Turkey for nose surgery are experienced as the influx of medical tourism increased on an enormous scale in the last decade. With a lot of surgeries and more patients, the surgeons are quite handy in their jobs and most of them operate more than one surgery in a day. Practically every surgeon in any reputable clinic is accredited with International Standard certification. Medical equipment and instruments in Turkey are of high-quality and the country is listed as the top exporter for high-quality surgical instrument suppliers around the world.

    Which Clinic should I choose for Nose Surgery? 

    Among thousands of clinics in many cities of Turkey choosing the right clinic is a headache. There are many clinics for nose surgery in Antalya and Istanbul, but all are operating on different principles...

    Some are price-oriented, and some are quality-centered, very few of them manage to keep a perfect balance of high-quality services at reasonable prices. Mediface surgical center is a perfect choice for your surgery due to the reasonable price and high-quality services. The medical center is in the beautiful city of Antalya that makes your visit memorable as you can roam around and explore place during your recovery period.

    Operational Timeline: 

    Mediface surgical center burdens itself to provide their patients with ease of mind by providing end to end service. Other than the medical procedure Mediface surgical center also provide accommodation and transportation throughout your stay. ...

    Please check below the standard itinerary that we follow for most of our surgeries. Normally our patients stay for 7-9 days but it can be changed depending upon your procedures, your recovery time and other variables. 
    Day 1- Airport Pick up – Doctor Visit 

    Our team member will be waiting for you at the Airport with your name sign board. Mediface Surgical Center representative will greet you and they will take you either to your hotel which is booked in advance or directly to the hospital for medical tests that are required before surgery. Face to face session with your surgeon will allow you to relax and put your brain at satisfaction. You will meet the specialist Dr. Nural for your nose aesthetic surgery. The surgeon will give you the idea of the results that you can get after the operation and a picture will be provided for the projected looks.
    Day 2- Resting at Hotel – Operation Day 

    We recommend a good rest and peaceful sleep at the hotel. Next day our representative will pick you up from the hotel early morning as the operating time at the hospital starts around 08:30 am. The operation period ranges from 2 – 3 hours. In most of our nose aesthetic surgeries we use general anesthesia. Also, there will be compulsory one-night stay at the hospital under the supervision of our English-speaking medical staff to provide you the utmost care.
    Day 3 – Checkup - Back to Hotel 

    In the morning the doctor will have a complete checkup.  and you will be advised with necessary precautions that you must take for next few days. Medications will be prescribed accordingly with your medical condition. After the doctor is satisfied with your results and health you will be transferred back to your hotel so you can have a good rest. 
    Day 4,5,6 – Rest - Roam around in the Beautiful City of Antalya

    There is no bed rest for the aesthetic surgeries, so you can travel within the city during your recovery period. Our representative who is always available for you on the phone can also recommend you the best Turkish food to eat and the must visit places in the city.
    Day 7- Final Checkup – Airport Transfer 

    You will be taken to the hospital to meet your doctor for final checkup. All the bandages and plasters will be removed. Your complete medical profile will be handed over to you and after that you will be dropped at the Airport for the safe travel to your country with a completely new look.
    Important to Note: 
    • The package price includes consultation, simulation, complete surgery, 1-night stay in hospital + meal + English speaking nurse, 6-night hotel (http://azuuboutiquehotel.com/) accommodation with bed and breakfast, Vip Transfers mentioned in the itinerary, Medicines along with full meals at the hospital. 
    • Expect the price to be higher if you are opting for a revise operation. 
    • The prices will be lower if you opted out for any of the service such as; accommodation will be arranged by you.

    Rhinoplasty Post-Operative Instructions

    Nasal surgery is a common type of aesthetic surgery and millions of people opt-out for the nose operation, to improve their nasal aesthetics or to improve nasal breathing...

    The outcome of these surgeries for a targeted result not only depends on the surgeon. Even the most experienced and skillful surgeon can’t provide you with the best results if you didn’t follow the compulsory instructions during the recovery process. Thorough this informative guide on nose surgery postoperative care, we tried our best to communicate the caring practices that the patient must follow. It is of utmost importance for the patients to understand that following the instructions about WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO will help you achieve the best results from the nose aesthetic surgery. Desirable results from the operation are only possible if you comply with the instructions.

    Operational Overview of Nose Surgery: 

    The Nose surgery is completed, and you are allowed to leave for your home. What you should not forget is that the surgeon has made incision inside your nose. Many times, these incisions are done on the tissue between your nostrils that is a very delicate part...

    Not only this, more often the cartilage and the bones are operated for new shape and position. All of this happened and there is no fixed packing. Only there is a delicate tape that is possibly a molded plastic that is glued to the outer part of your nose. This tape is holding the bone and cartilage in the new position so that they can heal together. Considering the situation in which your nose is it is in your best interest to follow the below guidelines during your healing process.

    What you should do after Nose aesthetic surgery?

    - The unavoidable thing is rest. This should limit; only necessary physical activity otherwise you should rest with your head elevated in a recliner. The first two weeks after the surgery welcomes this new position for your head that is maintained with a recliner or two pillows...

    Make sure that you are not sleeping on either side of the face; prefer to sleep with your head back on the pillow. You can get the comfort with airline type pillow or popular husband pillow that is big and can be extended to your arms for further support. This position should not be compromised in any way for the first two days at least. The very next night after the operation we strongly advise you to use the recliner chair for sleeping.
    - You should expect a tolerable amount of pain after the surgery. The Pain Killers which is advised by the surgeon must be taken; either you are feeling pain or not, as they will heal the wound and fasten the healing process. The pain will start decreasing after 3 days but if the pain is persistent or increasing you should contact our staff.
    - The blood or mucus from the nose will be running in the form of droplets for the next 24-48 hours. After the nose surgery, we will put a mustache type gauze dressing under your nose that needs to be changed 10-20 times in a day.
    - To minimize the swelling and control bruising use the cold compresses continuously. We suggest you; crush the ice and put in a zip lock bag, then put this bag in the towel and gently use it on nose and eyes. This activity should be started right after the operation and you are advised to do it for 15 minutes and rest for 30 minutes, the 2nd day you can rest for 45 minutes after the ice application and you can rest for 1 hour on 3rd day after 15 minutes of cold compress.
    - Wear the lightest weight glasses or if you are using contact glasses. You can use them after 2 days of surgery. The glasses can be worn accordingly with our staff advice by putting it on the nasal cast or by taping the glass frame to your forehead.
    - Increase your fluid intake and add more raw fruit to your diet. You need to get energy and for that, we advise you not to miss a single meal. The use of general anesthesia in nose surgery has a lasting effect and to minimize it you should take high calorie/protein-rich meal. - From the day after the Nasal surgery use the saline spray of any brand (Sinomarine Ent or Tonimer). Four times a day with two squirts in each nostril is mandatory, however, you can use as much you want. It is strongly restricted to use any other nasal spray without prior approval from the doctor or Mediface team.
    - Use Qtip to apply the Dextrocin pomade inside your nose. If you have an incision between the nostrils due to the requirements of the procedure, we will give you the ointment to apply on that wound. Our nasal surgery involves the use of dissolving sutures and that sutures are only dissolving if they remain wet with the ointment. The process should be continued until the sutures wiped out which normally takes a week.
    - After a week make an appointment for the cast removal. We will also clean your nose at your first post-operative visit.
    - You will experience the sense of smell got minimize but within a week or two it will be back and this time it will be much better than before.

    What you should NOT do after Nose aesthetic surgery?
      - Do not blow the nose at least for a week. However, it is not dangerous if you sneak back. - You can walk but avoid running. - Don’t lift anything that is more than 5-10 kg, even it’s a baby. - A complete stop to any sort of Aerobics exercise for a week. - Do not bend forward with your head down


    - Be careful that your nose won’t be bumped by anything either an elbow or a door.

    - Avoid any situation where the probability of nasal strain is possible.

    - If it is possible don’t wear the glasses for a week.

    - Don’t wear the plastic frame glasses specifically the one that will make assert pressure on the top of your nose. Make sure that you have the large feet of your glasses to get the maximum comfort. If you feel any sort of tenderness while wearing glass for a long period, remove it for an hour or two. This tenderness and discomfort are normal, and this feeling will go away after 3-4 months.

    - Don’t drive for 24 hours after the surgery because of the anesthesia in your blood. After that, you can drive but for limited hours until a week.

    - Don’t use any type of Nasal spray until you are instructed.

    - Limit your sexual activity for a week after the surgery.

    - Don’t wash your face and use a napkin to clean your face until your plaster is removed. This is to avoid any sort of water inside the nose.

    - If you are wearing an outfit that has to be dressed up from the top make sure it didn’t touch your nose.

    The Mediface team is always there to answer your queries. 

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