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care after smile makeover

Smile makeover is an emotional and financial investment you will make in yourself to improve the health, function and appearance of your smile. You should make such an investment to have happy and satisfying results for you in the years ahead.

With the right care and regular dentist visits, your smile will look good and your crowns, porcelain laminated veneers and other restorations are preserved for years. In fact, composite fillings will last for an average of 5 years if given the right care and maintenance. It takes 10 or more years before porcelain restorations (such as porcelain laminated veneers or crowns) need to be replaced with new ones.

By changing your oral hygiene habits in a way that will provide the optimal care for your tooth restorations, you can preserve your new smile for years. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the points listed below:

Brushing teeth

Extremely abrasive tooth brushes and tooth-brushing habits will damage the surface of restorations, and polish and other cleaning applications such as toothpaste will fade. Therefore, non-abrasive fluoride toothbrushes are recommended. Brush your teeth two to three times a day to get the best results.


Flossing is the key factor when it comes to removing the residues and plaques on teeth and it prevents decays by extending the lifespan of the restorations such as crowns. Flossing is important to everyone but it is even more important for people who have porcelain laminated veneers since their gum tissue must be perfectly healthy.

Mouth Wash

It is proven that mouth washes that consist of alcohol has a negative impact on composite dental fillings. Additionally, alcohol in mouth washes may cause the relationship between your restorations and teeth to erode in time. Therefore it is recommended to use non-alcoholic mouth washes.

Foods and Drinks to Limit or Avoid

Avoid eating foods high in sugar and snacking between meals to prevent tooth decay. To keep your smile clean and spotless, limit the consumption of beverages such as coffee, soda, and tea.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages in excessive amounts. Too much alcohol can cause the applications made on your teeth to deteriorate.

Other Precautions

Avoid biting and/or chewing hard objects such as pens, staples, metal, and bottle caps.

If you are grinding teeth (bruxism) and you have been given dental plaque to prevent damage to your teeth, be sure to use it.

The prices of porcelain laminated veneers and other dental aesthetic applications are on average more costly than other treatments as the materials used are not cheap, so you will want to follow your dentist’s and hygienist’s instructions regarding dental care to ensure longevity.

The life of your new smile depends on how well you take care of it and the experience and skills of your dentist, as aesthetic dental restorations are not forever durable and will need to be replaced (within five to seven years for fillings; for porcelain teeth within 10 to 15 years).

In the process of replacing a broken or cracked porcelain laminated veneer or crown, impression requires waiting for tooth color matching, temporary porcelain laminated veneers and permanent restoration. And depending on your dentist’s pricing policy, you may be responsible for all costs required to replace a damaged dental crown or veneer.

So remember; follow your dentist’s instructions to preserve the beauty of your new smile in the long term and stick to all follow-up and regular cleaning appointments with your dentist and hygienist.

Lifespan of Smile Makeover

Aesthetic dentistry applications may require regular oral health care and maintenance over time. For example, teeth whitening can be repeated from time to time to maintain brightness. The edges of porcelain laminated veneers may be worn or broken and may need to be replaced. With permanent composite bonding, teeth may become stained and may need to be increased or replaced. Crowns should be changed between 10 and 15 years.

The materials chosen by your porcelain specialist, laboratory technician and dentist all determine the longevity of your dental aesthetics. To achieve the best results, choose your dentist well and learn enough about the material options.



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