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rhinoplasty prices

A nose job is one of the most demanded and performed plastic surgeries today. It is because the nose is in the middle of the face completing the whole look. It is an organ that gives a character to the face and forms one’s facial expressions. Rhinoplasty boosts people’s self confidence and makes their social life more colorful. Different pricing can be applied depending on the difficulty level of the operation and the procedures that will be performed when reconstructing the nose.

It is not healthy to have a fixed idea about rhinoplasty prices before the operation. Since face and nose structure is different in every individual, a standard/fixed price cannot be applied. The first thing patients need to do is consult an experienced surgeon. Necessary examinations should be made and the nose structure should be evaluated before surgery. If rhinoplasty is demanded solely for aesthetic reasons, insurance will not cover it. However, if it needs to be carried out due to respiratory problems along with the sinus pathologies, it is possible to get some of the cost covered by the insurance. But you should also keep that in mind that the answer to this is mostly negative.

Factors in Determining the Rhinoplasty Prices

factors in determining the rhinoplasty prices

There are some factors that determine the costs of rhinoplasty surgery. One of these factors is the success and experience of the surgeon in this field. It is an important factor that will ensure the success of rhinoplasty surgeries. Therefore, it is quite natural that this will reflect on prices. Another factor is that the hospital where the operation will be performed has medical equipment and the surgical team is successful in this regard. These elements must be together for 100% success and satisfaction after surgery.

Apart from these, the technique used in the surgery and the procedures performed on the patient’s nose are of great importance in determining the prices. During the operation, only filing and reshaping the nose without breaking the nasal bones is a work that requires care and attention. This technique is a method that both reduces swelling and bruises in the nose and enables the patient to return to normal life faster. However, since this method requires experience, there will be reflections on the prices of rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a special application that is planned for each patient, each stage of which is different. Patients should be in good contact with the surgeon before and after the surgery and have healthy communication. Attention should be paid to everything in order to get the result that will improve the patient’s appearance and satisfy the patient and the doctor.

Those who want to have a rhinoplasty should pay attention to contact an experienced plastic surgeon before price research. The price of the surgery will be the detail that should be evaluated by the patient at the last stage. Since the operation does not have a fixed application and different techniques must be applied according to the patient, it will be necessary to contact the plastic surgeon to get a price. If the patient receives a result that does not meet his expectations after the operation, the amount to be paid for the revision rhinoplasty operation will be at much higher amounts, in practice, it is sufficient for the price range to be put into the last plan.

In order to prevent postoperative complications and to avoid problems in the long term, these should be considered before the price of rhinoplasty. When evaluations are made for the surgery, prices will be determined. However, it is more important than anything else that the result to be obtained from the surgery makes you satisfied. After a successful rhinoplasty surgery, the only thought of patients will be their newly shaped noses. Nothing matters in a surgery that fails.

The priority of the patients in rhinoplasty should be the success of the surgery first of all. Therefore, determining a doctor by reference to surgical costs will be the worst thing the patient candidate will do to themselves. Postoperative adversities may affect the patient’s psychology because the nose is the most important organ that changes the facial look. In short, your goal should be to have this surgery only once in your life and to determine the right surgeon accordingly.

In Mediface Surgical Centre Antalya, Turkey, we work with one of the best surgeons in this field, Hadi Nural, MD. He has been in this industry for almost 30 years and thanks to the technique he practices, our patients have a comfortable post-op period. For more information about him, you can read his biography on our website. And you can fill the form down below to get a quotation.



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