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Rhinoplasty without Nasal Packings

rhinoplasty without nasal packings

There are two issues that people are most afraid and hesitant about getting a nose job. They wonder if it is very painful to remove nasal packings and if there is going to be too much bruising on their face after the surgery. With this new way of rhinoplasty, it is possible to have a healthy and painless post-op and minimum bruising.
What is The Problem with Nasal Packings?
In the past, long gauze swabs placed in the nose after surgery adhered to the mucosa and wounds in the nose and caused severe bleeding and pain when removing the packings. These past experiences have made patients to forget about the good in rhinoplasty surgery and have become a fear settled in their consciousness. Therefore, this fear of nasal packing has been engraved in minds as a painful experience told by people who have had nose job for years. Now, depending on the skills and experiences of the surgeon who performs the surgery and thanks to the newly developed techniques, it is possible to perform rhinoplasty without nasal packings, in other words, we can say that the pain and anxiety of nasal packings are completely in the past.

Why Are Perforated Silicone Nasal Splints Not Good?

Doctors, depending on their techniques and experiences, either use perforated silicone nasal splints or do not use packings at all in these days. These perforated silicone nasal splints, which were developed for people to breathe comfortably after the surgery, start to put less pressure in the nose compared to the old techniques, but still affect the internal structure of the nose and the result of the surgery. In addition, considering the postoperative comfort of our patient, the perforated silicone nasal splints unfortunately close its holes a few hours after the operation and are not very effective in terms of breathing comfort. These silicone splints placed in the nose cause an increase in swelling and bruises as well as making the nose of the patients larger. Of course, there is a psychological dimension to this. Patients who have taboo concerns about nasal packings indicate that they felt pain and pressure when removing silicone splints.

Why Rhinoplasty without Nasal Packings?

After this stage, the surgeon’s experience and unique techniques come into play in rhinoplasty without nasal packings. In rhinoplasty without nasal packings, instead of using a nasal packing, we suture the inner area of the nose with dissolvable threads. Therefore, we do not need to use packings after surgery. The threads we put in the nose dissolve on their own within 6-7 days without the need for any surgical intervention. Based on our patient experience in nose surgeries without nasal packings in the last 2 years, our patients mention that they do not experience any breathing problems and pressure sensitivity in their noses during and after the surgery. This new way of treatment eliminated the fears and worries that people thought they would experience after the operation completely. Thanks to the rhinoplasty without nasal packings, we have achieved a serious decrease in the bruising, swelling and similar complications by 90% of our patients.

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