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Rubens And Bbl

rubens and bbl

Rubens is a magnificent painter who lived towards the end of the Renaissance period. Since nobles were believed to have blue blood at that time, we see a dark blue scarf, a handkerchief and a cloth cover in some paintings representing blue blood. He even draws detailed bluish veins under the skin while painting women. He particularly emphasizes the back rolls in female figures, which emphasizes the healthy and fertile woman at that time. For this reason, the surgical procedure performed by removing those back rolls is also named as Rubens flap today.

Blue veins to emphasize nobility, and plump oval lines to emphasize femininity. These details are always directed towards the images processed in our subconscious. Nowadays, because we have strong beliefs that obesity is an unhealthy bad condition, we no longer have a plump belly in our image of attractive women. Also, no one has an image that thin women cannot give birth. For this reason, a woman with a belly is no longer included in the image of a woman like the woman who penetrates our genes. However, since there is no contradiction regarding the attractive, fertile female image of a plump oval butt, this image has settled in men’s lower ego by getting stronger. This is the reason why butt aesthetics have increased so much today.

The change in visual arts has been reflected in surgery exactly since Rubens. Just as in the paintings, butt came forwards and took belly’s place, the fat taken from the belly in the surgical field was injected into the butt. It was matched in our minds as a Brazilian butt just because of the samba dancers we see at the Rio carnival. Whatever you call the Brazilian Butt, which is called Brazilian Butt Lift today, this is the product of social evolution. The application is based on very simple principles. In our clinic, Mediface Medical Center Antalya, Turkey, the fat collected from the abdomen, waist, legs and back with liposuction systems is washed and injected into the buttocks as planned before the surgery after the quality parts are filtered. We also perform an ultrasonic liposuction method that allows the fat cells to be separated without melting them like a laser, so the injected fat can survive. This process is also called Liposelection or Lipoplasty because it is particularly selective to fat. They all mean the same. Another important advantage of this technology is that while having Brazilian Butt, it prevents sagging in other body parts where fat is removed by tightening the skin.

So what will those who do not have enough fat to be injected into the butt for BBL do? In this case, silicone butt prostheses must be used. Of course, there are injectable fillers, but large volumes of foreign body injection should be the last option. Because it is extremely difficult to treat in case of a number of reactions or infection.

In some Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) cases, both butt prosthesis and butt and hip fat injection are applied together.

Whichever method we apply, it is important to remember that the most important complement to a beautiful butt and hip is a thin waist and it is important to deepen the intergluteal cleft.

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