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Why Rhinoplasty is Important

why rhinoplasty

The nose, located in the middle of the face, is one of our most attention-grabbing organs when viewed from the front. For this reason, aesthetic interventions to be made in the nose can cause great changes in the person’s appearance. Patients who are not satisfied with the size or shape of their nose can have a more aesthetic nose appearance with a nose surgery called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a technique that produces successful results for patients with breathing problems.

The tip of the nose, bridge, wings and nostrils should be in harmony with each other and should also be compatible with other structures of the face. It should complement each other with chin, forehead, eyebrows, eyes and lips. The side (profile) view is important but not sufficient. Patients who are happy to have the nose they dream of when they look in the mirror will also feel more confident in their social lives. The nose should look beautiful from the front, and it should be symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. A nose that looks good on the side may look bad from the front, or a nose that looks good from the front can look bad from the side.

  • If you think people stare at your nose
  • If you feel that your self-confidence decreases due to your nose shape,
  • And if you think this situation impairs your concentration,
  • If you have a nose shape that negatively affects the beauty of your face,
  • If the curvature and deformity of your nose has begun to impair your nose function, you may consider having a nose job.

When it comes to aesthetic surgeries, women come to mind. However, this situation changes when the nose is in question. When we look at the patients who undergo rhinoplasty, the ratio of men to women is almost equal. The shape of the nose can seriously change the person’s expression. The most important point to be careful about when performing a nose job on a male patient is not to make a female nose for a man. Because the concept of beauty is very different in men and women.

What Does Rhinoplasty Include?

  • If the nose tip is low, it can be lifted,
  • If you have an upturned nose tip, it can be brought to normal position,
  • If the nasal root is depressed, the area between the root of the nose and the forehead can be filled and the nose that looks shorter than normal can be extended,
  • The look of separated eyes can be corrected.

The bone, cartilage, skin structure, nasal skin thickness, skin oiliness rate in each person’s nose differ from each other. The applications and techniques to be applied during the surgery will also be different. Therefore, the result that will arise after the surgery will be different in each patient and should have personal characteristics. The most important factor in the planning of rhinoplasty is to make different nose shapes and design for each patient and each nose and to perform the surgery. A nose that is compatible with the facial features of the person, worthy of their own face, not criticized by others, natural-looking, not immediately understood by everyone that they had a nose job, is a successful result for both the surgeon and the patient.

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