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6 sings for going to the dentists


It is recommended for people whit good oral health to visit the dentist every 6-12 months. Yet, there may be other reasons that you should be considerate of and visit your dentist during this period. In this article, we are explaining what these reasons can be.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums do not generally indicate good conditions. It is the way your body uses to Show you something is not going well – you can think of it as a wake up alarm. We cannot just ignore bleeding in our other body parts, can we? Gingival bleeding after tooth brushing or flossing can be the first signs of a gum disease (periodontal disease).

Tooth Erosion

Tooth grinding that can cause tooth erosion is usually linked to stress and anxiety. Most of the people do not even realize they grind their teeth. Not only does tooth grinding cause straightened eroded teeth, but also headaches and sore jaw.  If you grind your teeth in your sleep, your dentist gives you a night guard to help you minimize it or to prevent the damages it can cause. Jaw Botox can also be a good solution and if the erosion affects your bite occlusion, restorative fillers or porcelain fillers are recommended.

Dry Mouth

A mouth that is wet with saliva which cleans the food particles and neutralizes the acid that is produced by plaques is a healthy mouth. If you have unusually dry mouth, this can be an indicator of a health problem. Your dentist can identify what causes your dry mouth; show you the ways to gain your oral moisture and protect your teeth.

Swelling and Scars

Aphthas usually heal itself within one or two weeks. However; a treatment is needed for other oral lesions. Fungal infections, also known as thrush and candidiasis, can appear as white colored scars on the tongue, inner cheek, tonsils or roof of the mouth. People who suffer from diabetes tend to have aphthas and thrush more often due the high amount of sugar in their saliva. But they can be treated with medication.


We should remind you of the importance of toothaches. They should not be ignored. Tooth decays, abscess, broken teeth, damaged dental fillers and/or tooth grinding can all be the reason behind your toothache. It is only your dentist who can identify what actually causes your toothache, treat the underlying problem and help you prevent further diseases.

Extreme Sensitivity Towards Hot and Cold Foods/Drinks

If this has been a problem of yours for a while now, we recommend you to make an appointment with your dentist. There are some reasons behind you not being able to drink hot or cold beverages. But the main reason is worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots and the sensitive part of the tooth being directly exposed to foods and drinks.


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