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Medical Tourism in Turkey

medical tourism in turkey

Why You Should Have Your Surgeries in Turkey

With the development of alternative tourism options in the tourism sector in Turkey has started to come up. The spread of medical tourism over a period of twelve months, rather than seasonal tourism, made medical tourism gain importance.

Although Turkey met the medical tourism sector, there are some aspects that are effective when it comes to medical tourism being a rapidly developing sector. If we are to sort them;

  • We provide quality health care at much more affordable costs than other countries. If we compare this with the heart surgeries performed in the USA as an example, the cost of treatment is half the difference.
  • There are many experienced and talented surgeons/doctors in Turkey.
  • Istanbul and Antalya have a very important potential in health tourism and also have an important place in the international arena.
  • The existence of important hotel chains and international pharmaceutical companies in Turkey.
  • The operation of a business suitable for every budget in terms of accommodation opportunities in Antalya, Turkey.
  • Hospital rooms are as comfortable as hotels in terms of both design and convenience
  • Using top quality devices in treatment methods developing with technology
  • Employees who speak foreign languages in hospitals provide easier communication with patients.
  • Having an interpreter service in private hospitals makes it easier to communicate with patients who seek information from abroad.
  • Geographical proximity to the Eurasian countries enables the travel time to be shortened and the costs to be reduced.
  • Geographical location of being close to both Middle Eastern and European countries plays an important role in destination choices. Easy access to our country from the farthest destinations in Europe or the world.
  • Having a climate makes Turkey an easily visited country through all four seasons.
  • As a civilization that has embraced different cultures, having historical and cultural regions attracts tourists seeking a country for treatment from abroad.
  • Turkey with a young population and a serious labor has the potential trainability. With the progress of the health tourism sector, innovations that keep up with the times have been acquired in the shortest time and qualified personnel have been trained.
  • Services sector in Turkey is cheaper and quality compared to other countries. A health tourist who will stay in country hotels for accommodation leaves satisfied with hygiene, service and comfort.
  • Turkey’s health sector with advanced technology and skilled manpower are among the leading countries of the world.
  • One of the aspects that positively affect the demand for health services in Turkey is that Turkey has tourism types that are not available in some other countries. (Especially Silk Road tourism, village house tourism, religious tourism, rafting tourism, nature tourism, health-spa tourism, etc.)
  • To promote health tourism in Turkey, various legal regulations regarding the location are made and the government largely attaches importance to medical tourism. Appreciation of promotion and supports has attracted many investor companies and enabled the development of the country’s economy.
  • Our citizens of Turkish origin and living in Europe prefer to be treated in Turkey because of their thoughts such as not being separated from their culture and spending time with the families they left here.





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