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rhinoplasty for crokeed noses

Our nose shape represents the symmetry and characteristic features of our face. Our overlook, smile, gestures, and mimics form completely with our nose structure. If the nose in dorsum nasi that shapes the nose is too crooked or deviated, it may cause both some functional and aesthetic issues. While crooked noses can be congenital, it can be also due to a trauma such as an accident or a blow.

The crooked or an arched nose forms when the bone that forms the back of the nose protruding outward. Since this situation creates a bad image in terms of aesthetics, it causes the person to be uncomfortable and at the same time to decrease his self-confidence. However, thanks to the crooked nose aesthetics, this bad image can be corrected in the most correct way and the nose can be given an aesthetic form.

There may be some deformities in an arched nose. Because an arched nose structure causes the tip of the nose to look downwards, and this creates visual distortion. For rhinoplasty for arched noses, the cartilage structure of the nose and the thickness of the bone are examined first. The thickness and height of the nasal arch is determined and the simulation is drawn in accordance with the face size of the person. Considering the doctor’s determinations and the person’s expectations after the operation, a nasal file is applied to the arch in the nose. This plastic surgery is a very sensitive procedure. Care should be taken not to spoil the natural appearance of the nose structure. The amount of removal of the nasal bridge is determined in accordance with the face size. While the nasal arch is being processed, the tip of the nose can be raised or the tip of the nose can be reduced in order to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose.

How is Rhinoplasty for Crooked Noses Performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia with open or closed technique. While the necessary correction is applied by cutting the back of the nose in the open technique, the operation is performed by entering through the nostrils in the closed technique. Whichever technique is applied, the target is to remove the arch in the nose. Since there will be a flattening in that area after the arch is removed, the bones in the nose wings are also brought closer to each other. Arched nose aesthetics is also applied for nasal tip reduction operation. Thus, the patient can have a nose that is proportional to his face and smaller than before. As in all nose surgeries, the aim in arched nose aesthetics is to keep it natural. The operation takes about 2 hours. If no symptoms occur after the surgery, the patient is discharged. Afterwards, it is recommended to rest for at least 2 weeks and to lie down with the head held high. So that, pain, bleeding, and swelling can be prevented. As these situations are part of the healing process, there is nothing to worry about. After the patient returns to his daily life, he should go to his controls in the periods determined by the doctor. The ideal age limit for rhinoplasty is 17 years and older for women and 18 years old for men.

What are the risks of Rhinoplasty for Crooked Noses?

The risks in rhinoplasty for crooked noses are the same as the risks that may occur in any kind of rhinoplasty surgery. After the rhinoplasty for crooked nose surgery, apart from the risks caused by anesthesia, there may be risks such as bleeding, nasal discharge, infection, difficulty in breathing, and, although it happens very rarely, temporary loss of smell. After the nasal cartilage and bones take their final form and after the stitches are removed or dissolved by themselves, there may be a slight drop in the tip of the nose, but this is considered normal. Because the surgery is performed taking this into consideration.

Is Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose Painful?

Rhinoplasty surgeries are generally not very painful operations. However, one of the most common beliefs about rhinoplasty surgery is that nasal plastic surgery is painful. Due to the bruises and swelling that occur after the surgery, people believe that nasal aesthetic surgeries are painful and troublesome operations. In the past, the nasal aesthetic surgery and nasal packing relationship frightened people. Problems experienced during nasal packing removal after nasal aesthetics have left their place to rhinoplasty surgeries without nasal packing. Since the packing used in the past were of a cotton structure, they adhered to the nose and caused bleeding. Silicone packings used today do not cause such problems.

Dr Hadi Nural, who is one of the bests in this field, does not use nasal packings, either. This gives our patients to have a more comfortable recovery period and they are also able to breathe through their nose even right after the surgery. His technique has also been approved and was published on European Journal of Plastic Surgery, which is one of the most famous and prestigious source for plastic surgeons who are inspiring and followed by others. To read his article about crooked nose operations, please click the link below:



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