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silicone breast prostheses

If you have breasts whose volume you are not satisfied with or you complain about because they are disfigured for various reasons, you can reach tons of information under the headings of silicone breast prostheses with a short internet search. If you hesitate to knock on the door of a plastic surgeon to get the breasts you have always dreamed of due to the skeptical information that you encounter on the internet, we would like to inform you about the pros and cons about silicone breast prostheses.

Silicone is harmful to the body and it can cause cancer: FALSE

Silicone is chemically known as Polysiloxane and is highly compatible with the human body due to its chemical properties. Silicone prostheses, which were first applied in the United States in 1962 for breast augmentation, have been applied to nearly 2 million women since that day. It has been proven by scientific studies that the FDA approved high quality silicone breast prostheses that belong to exclusive brands and are used in the world and also in Turkey do not cause cancer.

Can I breastfeed if I have had a breast enlargement with silicone: YES

The pockets opened for silicone prostheses can be under the muscle, on the muscle or can be inserted in a plan called the “Dual Plane”, which is a combination of both. Unless an abnormal situation is encountered after the surgery, no matter what method is used, it is not even an option for you to experience not being able to breastfeed in your pregnancies after breast augmentation surgery.

Do silicone prostheses explode?: NO

Silicone prostheses do not explode thanks to their unique consistency and outer shell structure. The outer shell of silicone prostheses that remain in the body for many years may cause abrasions and tears, but the tearing of the outer shell does not pose a health problem because the silicone material has a non-dispersion feature. In some cases it may be necessary to replace the silicone prosthesis with a new one.

Can I use silicone prostheses for a lifetime?: YES AND NO

Silicone prostheses are medical tools used to shape breasts and it is natural for them to have a certain lifespan. However; we, as Mediface Surgical Center Antalya, Turkey, use high quality prostheses, Mentor, which provides a lifetime guarantee. In that case, you will not need to pay another visit to your surgeon to get them changed. But one should also keep this in mind that how long the prostheses last depends on the adaptation of the silicone substance to your body. All bodies develop a kind of cellular reaction to foreign substances called inflammation. If a severe reaction occurs in the body against the silicone substance after breast augmentation, a condition called capsule contracture develops and silicone prostheses may need to be replaced with new ones. This condition, called capsular contracture, develops at a rate of 3.6%, which is, in an average of 4 out of every 100 prostheses placed, so it can be considered rare. There are many reasons for this reaction that occurs around silicone prostheses. One of them is infection. For this reason, sterility should be taken very much seriously while performing breast augmentation surgery. You should not have this surgery in places where you are not sure that it will provide this.

Breast augmentation surgery is very painful: FALSE

Breast augmentation surgery is not a very painful operation and you can continue your daily life 48 hours after surgery. You can easily do errands with high power consumption and sports that actively work the chest muscles 6 weeks after the operation.

Many scars remain after breast augmentation: FALSE

The most common incision used during breast augmentation is under the breast. This incision is approximately 4 cm long, and your growing breast is folded towards the chest wall, so it remains under this fold and is almost invisible. With the thought that it will stay less, performing this surgery with incisions made through the armpit or nipple can increase the risk of capsular contracture, which we mentioned above. This has been proven by clinical studies. You do not have to worry too much for a scar you cannot see anyway, just relax and enjoy your time!

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