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Are Men Interested in Aesthetic Treatments?

are men interested in aesthetic treatments

Men are well groomed nowadays! When men look in the mirror, they want to look younger and healthier now. With the development of aesthetic treatments, men are also aware that they look more handsome with tiny touches. Aesthetic procedures applied to men create a more masculine appearance compared to women. After the aesthetics applied to men’s faces, it is aimed to make the face look more charismatic and masculine. Fillers, Gynecomastia, Botox, eyelid lift, hair transplantation, rhinoplasty and Liposuction are the most common aesthetic procedures preferred by men. You can learn the most suitable aesthetic treatments for you by consulting a specialist physician to make peace with mirrors and to feel more confident.

Botox for Men

Botox is one of the most common anti-aging treatment for men. Botox helps reduce deep wrinkles in men’s skin, make the face look younger, create a lifting effect and give the face a masculine expression. Botox in men is mostly applied to vertical lines in the middle of the eyebrows, deep lines on the forehead and crow’s feet.
Botox provides relaxation of the muscles in the area where it is applied. As a result of our facial expressions, our muscles tighten and our skin begins to wrinkle. Botox helps relax the muscles in our face and brings a temporary youthful effect to the face. When Botox is applied by experts, mimics do not disappear, and a natural youthfulness is seen on the face.
It is normal to see a slight redness after Botox application. These go away within a few hours. You start to see the results of the Botox procedure in men from the second day, and this effect continues between 4-6 months.

Face Fillers for Men

One of the most preferred medical aesthetic treatments by men is face filling. Facial fillers help regain the volume of the face and reduce wrinkles. With aging, skin dents, under eye discoloration and deep eye wrinkles can be seen in men. These make men look tired and older than they are.
Facial fillers help the skin regain the lost volume and give the skin a more rested air. It accelerates the self-rejuvenation process of the skin by stimulating the collagen production.
Facial filling fills the areas that have lost volume on the skin of men, reduces deep folds and wrinkles, and creates more masculine facial lines. With the face fillers that is applied to men, cheek bones, under eye hollows, cheek dents, chin and wrinkles on the forehead can be filled.

Blepharoplasty for Men

Blepharoplasty, namely eyelid surgery, treats droopy eyelids. Droopy eyelids add a tired and old look to the face. In some cases, droopy eyelids can even initiate vision problems in men. With the eyelid surgery, the excess skin above the eye is removed with a small incision and the eyelid is stitched again.
Eyelid surgeries take place under local or general anesthesia. In some cases, depending on the patient, local anesthesia and sedation are performed at the same time. Patients who wish can also have eyelid surgery and get their under eye bags fixed and can also correct the nasolabial line. Thus, your eye area will look younger and smoother.


Every man wants his body to look flawless. The biggest complaint of men who exercise is the belly fat that they can never get rid of. Belly fat is one of the most stubborn fat in the body. Liposuction is recommended for men who want to get fit and slim more quickly. Liposuction reduces the fat in the inner abdominal region and makes the abdomen and waist appear thinner and flat.
For patients who are overweight and have sagging in the abdomen, abdominoplasty is also recommended along with liposuction. With the tummy tuck, the sagging abdominal skin is cut and the abdomen is made to look flat.


Gynecomastia, that is, the problem of breast growth in men, is one of the fearful dreams of men. Female breast appearance causes self-confidence problems in men. Men are ashamed of their breasts and constantly feel the need to hide.
With gynecomastia, the appearance of large breasts in men can be permanently removed. In gynecomastia, a slight incision can be made from the nipple. With liposuction, excess fat tissue is pulled out. The remaining skin is stitched again to gain a masculine chest line. You can continue your daily life two days after the treatment.


Rhinoplasty, nose job or nose surgery in men are becoming more common all over the world. It leads to an improved facial aesthetics by allowing men to reshape the nose. Additionally, rhinoplasty helps men correct structural defects in the nose, including those associated with septum deviation or breathing problems.
With male rhinoplasty, men can make the nose complement the cheeks, chin, eyes and other facial features. Rhinoplasty has been shown to help men improve facial symmetry, improve the shape and / or size of the nose, minimize the appearance of nasal bridge defects, and eliminate the “lumpy tip” of the nose.

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation in men is one of the most sought-after subjects of plastic surgery. Most of the men want to have hair transplantation due to their professional life. Because the first impression has become very important in business and social life. One of the most important points in our appearance is our hair. Having full, clean and shiny hair is among the first steps to a beautiful appearance. With the spread of city life and increased stress, the problem of hair loss has become more common among people. With the advancement of medical science, this problem has been largely eliminated.
People can get rid of the baldness problem with hair transplant operation. In hair transplantation, there is no such thing as every hair transplanted to grow. However, if you take care of your hair before and after the operation and follow the doctor’s recommendations, you will get impressive results. If you take care not to use cigarettes and alcohol, not to consume caffeinated beverages and to apply the necessary treatment methods for the healing of the wounds before and after the operation, you will have new hair in a short time.

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