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How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Surgical reshaping of the nasal structure is called rhinoplasty. People who want to have rhinoplasty should first go through an examination. Because rhinoplasty is not only an operation to beautify the nose, but if there is a discomfort in the nose or breathing issues, it is a plastic surgery performed within it. Rhinoplasty can make big differences in general appearance with small changes on our nose.

The demand for nasal aesthetics has increased in recent years. Those who want to have a rhinoplasty should first decide which hospital and doctor to have it done. This should not be a sudden and hasty decision because this operation that will affect your life must be done carefully and in detail. The operation you will have in any hospital or by any doctor may not be successful, which will be enough to wear you out and make you upset.

General Information about Rhinoplasty

The most important point of aesthetic nose surgery is to determine exactly what kind of a change the patient wants on their nose. Everyone’s face aesthetic dimensions and features differ, and with this surgery, the new shape of the nose should be specially designed for the patient. For this reason, a nose job that looks good in someone else does not mean that it will look beautiful on you. Natural-looking noses that are not known to have undergone plastic surgery recently are preferred.

Most of the time, you do not need to stay in the hospital overnight in rhinoplasty surgeries, which take an average of 2 hours and are performed under general anesthesia. During the same operation, other attempts can be added to ensure the patency of the airways of people with difficulty breathing through the nose. A week passes with a nasal cast and the patients return to their normal lives after that.

You and your environment will soon get used to this change in your nose and face and you will not remember your old nose unless it’s in pictures.


Rhinoplasty Prices 2021

Rhinoplasty prices vary depending on the operation technique to be applied, the nose structure of the patient and other details. The price of the operation can only be determined by a preliminary consultation and examination with your doctor. It is important for the success of the operation and the safety of your health that you fully inform your doctor about your chronic diseases, medications you have used and previous operations during the examination performed before the rhinoplasty surgery.

In addition to these, if you are planning to have your surgery through a medical agency, the type of the package affects the price as well. If you want to have an all-inclusive package, where you will be provided VIP airport transfer and/or accommodation, the price will be higher. Another thing that plays a role in pricing is the city you are going to have the surgery in because if the demand for rhinoplasty and the number of surgeons performing rhinoplasty is high, the price range will be lower, just like the rhinoplasty prices in Istanbul. But just because it is cheap that does not mean you will definitely have the results you wish to have.


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