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postnatal operations

Postnatal Operations

Moms’ Guide to Plastic Surgery – Mummy Makeover After birth, operations can be performed for the area where the patient is not happy with. One of the first preferred operations is abdominoplasty. After overcoming a difficult and effortful situation such as pregnancy, it is quite normal for the body to sag and deform. Sometimes sports

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lipo diet

Lipo Diet

How to and What to Eat After Liposuction Liposuction is an ideal treatment method for removing regional adipose tissue that does not go away by dieting and sports or local fat due to genetic body type. If the individuals do not gain excess weight after liposuction and maintain healthy eating habits, the treatment becomes permanent.

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rhinoplasty diet

Rhinoplasty Diet

What Kind of a Diet Should be followed after Rhinoplasty There are some issues that patients should pay attention to after a nose job, which can be considered one of the most popular among the cosmetic operations performed today. Even if a successful rhinoplasty surgery has been performed, patients should follow the doctor’s recommendations and

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are men interested in aesthetic treatments

Are Men Interested in Aesthetic Treatments?

Men are well groomed nowadays! When men look in the mirror, they want to look younger and healthier now. With the development of aesthetic treatments, men are also aware that they look more handsome with tiny touches. Aesthetic procedures applied to men create a more masculine appearance compared to women. After the aesthetics applied to

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silicone breast prostheses


If you have breasts whose volume you are not satisfied with or you complain about because they are disfigured for various reasons, you can reach tons of information under the headings of silicone breast prostheses with a short internet search. If you hesitate to knock on the door of a plastic surgeon to get the

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what causes hair thinning


Hair loss and having a balding head refer to the lack of hair on the head. Approximately 25% of all men experience some form of hair loss by the age of 30. At the age of 60, hair loss occurs in two-thirds of all men. Baldness is usually seen when the hair in the temple

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rhinoplasty prices in turkey


The cosmetic surgery sector is one of the constantly developing and changing sectors in Turkey as well as all over the world. In parallel with the development of technology, nasal aesthetic operations are also renewed and updated. In accordance with this change and development, rhinoplasty prices may also change every year. In the cosmetic surgery

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rhinoplasty without nasal packings

Rhinoplasty without Nasal Packings

There are two issues that people are most afraid and hesitant about getting a nose job. They wonder if it is very painful to remove nasal packings and if there is going to be too much bruising on their face after the surgery. With this new way of rhinoplasty, it is possible to have a

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